Would Like To Hear Your Opinions On This Letter

The following was a letter to the editor in Sunday's Washington Observer Reporter Distorter. What's wild is the author used to be a VERY good friend of mine. He was a great guy and we had a lot of fun. But he joined the army, moved overseas and we lost touch. He's been back for a few months, but I've yet to connect with him. And I really wanted to...up until I read this letter.

Some background. This guy didn't go to college after HS, but instead his dad used his influence and got him in the boilermaker union. He was making over $16/hour over 30 years ago directly out of high school. After a few years he somehow lost that job. When I was at PSU he visited me a couple of times and absolutely loved everything about it. So much so that it inspired him to go to college. I highly suspect he applied to PSU and did not get in (he goofed around a lot in high school and his grades were bad). But...and I don't mean this as a joke...somehow he got into Pitt. So what we have here is a guy who at one point loved PSU, but ended up going to Pitt. I don't know...maybe that made him bitter.


I think it's a bad letter in many ways, but.....

Submitted for your reviews:



OK, I know that Penn State is currently in summer session of the typical collegiate academic year. Traditionally, lessons taught during the summer session are on an accelerated pace. In the spirit of brevity, can I pass on a formula that may help Penn State students pass life’s final?

Football’s legacy + you are not the victim It’s upsetting and only further proves NCAA’s point when every sanction or judgment against Penn State in this criminal act only results in more protests from the student body. Tuesday’s front page article had a senior protesting that, “they keep breaking and breaking and breaking our hearts.” Basically, one heartbreak for each year she’s been at Penn State. Great and good luck in life to you after your senior year.

Another irritating convention that seems to be coming out of Penn State recently is about the reporting. Many wish the media would just “drop it” and stop reporting it. Their reason: It is unfair to the victims who just want to move on. Super, 15-plus years the Penn State leadership did not act on the victim’s behalf, but suddenly after 12 days of scrutiny, Penn State’s community, “wants to move on.” In the interest of the victims.

But hey, I’m with you Penn State about the reporting, sort of. I wish the Observer-Reporter would stop reporting that Sandusky is a Washington native. The county jail is filled with natives from the county, so there is nothing newsworthy about a pedophile being from Southwestern Pennsylvania. But this is the nature of journalism. No one should try to control the narrative in the paper.

Note, that while you may be listening to Rod Stewart sing, "Young hearts be free tonight, time is on your side. Don’t let them put you down, don’t let ’em push you ’round. Don’t let ’em ever change your point of view,” at the most recent beer bash.

Many years earlier, Stonewall Jackson sang that “promises and hearts were made to break and break and break.” You do the math. Maybe a more fitting tune to reflect on the next time you entered into the Paterno library, especially if you believe 12 days is equal to 15 years.

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