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Success With Hyperlinking Is Catching Up With Lavar Arrington

An excuse to show the Lavar Leap? No, I don't need an excuse.... ever!

Let's just get this out of the way now. What would SwH be without your latest 'THE THING' links? Being the positive guy I am (HA) I'll spin these in a positive light. Andy Staples of SI brings some common sense to the whole Death Penalty argument that is the all the rave by the lazy media today.

To use a term the NCAA coined, how can this not represent a Lack of Institutional Control? Because it doesn't -- at least not in the NCAA sense.... There is a reason the IRS doesn't punish murderers who pay their taxes. That same reason applies here. This may seem cold, but nowhere in the 426-page Division I manual is there a rule forbidding the cover-up of a violation of state statute.

The law takes care of criminals, the NCAA takes care of free tattoos can we put this to bed now?

Lavar Arrington weighs in on the latest.

It’s impossible to estimate how much damage there will be from all of this. Depending on what else is discovered, the effects can and certainly will serve as the ultimate example as to how not to handle a major crisis situation.

The one good thing that will come from this horrible nightmare is the fact that no one will ever handle it like it was handled and I don't mean just Penn State, I mean everyone. Any time a innocent child speaks out in the future it will be taken with the utmost seriousness, and that is a good thing.

Football stuff? Yes please! Friend of the show Maize and Brew, who you should most definitely be reading (BOOKMARK NOW!), has their Penn State preview.

Bill O'Brien is in every way possible a break from the past. For years it looked as if the Penn State dynasty would pass from Joe Paterno to either his son Jay or long-time defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

That's my emphasis because when I read that I threw up a little in my mouth.

Also showing Penn State some love was the Badger Blitz, Wisconsin's Rivals site. They brought Mike in to tell them that Wisky will get their first win at Beaver Staidum since 2003. Rotten fruit and vegetables can be found in the SBNation store to throw at our fearless leader.

Erstwhile Penn State defensive end Shawn Oakman is moving on at Baylor.

"This is me, football is me. I can’t see myself doing anything else but playing football. I had it taken away from me, I want to show Penn State and coach [Bill] O’Brien that I messed up, but I’m back now."

Oakman takes responsibility for his actions that got him thrown off the team but at the same time thinks he was "an example." Fair enough.

In Scores Of Other Games. The Daily Collegian, Penn State's student newspaper, was named the top student newspaper in the country by College Media Matters... The documentary "No Act Of Ours" is attempting to pick up steam... Graham Spanier still wants his emails.

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