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Only Lance Mehl until Penn State Football 2012

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Rising redshirt freshman offensive lineman Anthony Alosi wears #56, but we don't have a picture of him that we can use. Sorry, Anthony.

Lance Mehl came to Penn State from Bellaire, Ohio, and was a key figure on the Nittany Lions teams that lost just six games in his three years. A depth linebacker during the 1977 campaign, Mehl nonetheless picked up 3 sacks in limited playing time. By the next year, though, Mehl had taken his spot as the next product of Linebacker U, racking up 96 tackles and 4 interceptions for a team that finished the regular season undefeated. Mehl's 1979 season was even better, again leading the team in tackles--this time with 99--to go along with 4 sacks, a pair of interceptions, and a second-team All-America nod.

After graduating from Penn State, Mehl was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft by the New York Jets, and was a steady presence in the Jet defense for eight years before nagging injuries forced him to retire. His versatility made him a fan favorite--there aren't many linebackers who can rack up 6 sacks one year and 7 interceptions another.

Since his retirement, Mehl has worked with troubled youth to help them avoid going down the wrong path.

When a kid steals a car, gets caught smoking marijuana or something of that sort, and the judge decides this kid is close to going to juvenile detention but he's not there yet, whom does the judge order him to see?

That big former NFL player named Lance.

And that's Sir Lance to you.

Only Sir Lance 'til Penn State football!

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