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Success With Hyperlinking is Making Itself Real Small

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Not quite science fiction, but fantastic nonetheless. Penn State College of Medicine, working with the Penn State Department of Material Sciences and Engineering, received a $1 million research grant to begin pretrial clinical work to utilize nanotechnology to deliver medication directly to cancer cells. Mark Kester, the G. Thomas Passananti Professor of Pharmacology and director of Penn State Center for NanoMedicine and Materials, notes, "Current cancer fighting drugs are limited by the inability of the medicine to get efficiently into the cancer cells, without affecting other normal growing cells." This research would create treatments that would not only potentially pinpoint specific cells, but be individualized to each patient.

Ugh: The Middle States Commission on Higher Education issued an accreditation warning to Penn State. While not expected to be an issue, Penn State has until September 30 to submit a report and demonstrate compliance with all requirements. More information, including the warning, can be found here.

Motivation: After failing to win its fifth consecutive title, Penn State Women's Volleyball is ranked a lowly #3 in 2012 AVCA Preseason Coaches Poll. The Big Ten is well represented overall with 4 teams appearing in the Top 10 and 7 in the Top 25.

Still The One To Beat: Gunning for their 15th consecutive Big Ten title and continuing the longest streak by a women's team in any sport within the conference, Penn State Women's Soccer tops the Big Ten's 2012 Preseason Coaches Poll.

Others Receiving Votes: Trying something new this year, Penn State has been posting short videos introducing incoming members on some of their teams. Meet the freshman on this year's Men's Hockey Team here and here. Meet the freshman for Women's Volleyball here.

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