Former Pitt All-American Stands Up for Penn State

A guy Joe Paterno struck out on recruiting to PSU who went on to become an All-American at Pitt is sticking up for PSU. You may know him better as a fairly high profile sports agent - Ralph Cindrich. It's so gratifying to see intelligent, level-headed people realizing what's happened here. Check it out:

One of the more bellicose voices in standing up to the NCAA belongs, coincidentally, to a Pitt graduate who was unsuccessfully recruited by former Nittany Lions coach Joe Paterno in the late 1960s.

Ralph Cindrich, a Carnegie-based lawyer and NFL agent, said the sanctions are unlawful and will have negative repercussions for the state.

“This school and the people didn’t deserve it, and to talk the way (the NCAA does) about the school and the program to me is just too far from the truth and reality of what goes on,” Cindrich said. “The fraud that (the NCAA perpetuates) of amateurism is just astounding to me.”

Cindrich is examining ways he can get the NCAA into court, and he said he has talked to high-profile Penn State alumni in the area about legal action.

“I’ve never seen anything as wrong as this,” Cindrich said, “and that’s what bothers me.”

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