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Success with Hyperlinking Found Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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For you listening pleasure, a little Red Hot Chili Peppers, when they could still jump without injuring their feet. SwH found the ancient Sex Magik CD in the garden shed, after tying back the tomato plants.

What's a SwH post without a Board of Trustees mention these days? The 32-member cohort will be meeting on campus August 25th and 26th, and part of the meeting will be open to the public.

On Saturday, trustees will get a briefing on governance issues, including financial duties, risk oversight, conflict of interest, board structure and leadership, and governance "best practices." Team-building sessions will follow along with meetings with a leadership consulting company on issues such as Penn State’s culture and the board’s role in leadership culture at the university.

Those meetings are only for voting board members but a public meeting and board committee meets that are open to the public are also slated.

QB recruit Christian Hackenberg is hanging tough with his verbal commitment to Penn State and Coach Bill O'Brien. It can't be an easy situation for the highly touted senior, who confirmed that 6.2 million coaches are still trying to get him away from Penn State and to their school.

"Those are the guys I gave my first commitment to, and I'm a pretty loyal person," he said. "It takes a lot for me to walk away from something I committed to. It felt pretty good up there. I felt at home."

SwH hopes he sticks with Penn State - but wishes him the best of luck should he end up committing elsewhere.

Hoopey-ball? Coquese has the Lady Lions ballin' out early, as the girls stomped on the Italian All-Star team 123 - 34, in Bergano, Italy. So much for home court advantage.

Dara Taylor (Wilmington, Del.) registered a triple-double with 16 points, 10 assists and 12 steals, while Maggie Lucas (Narberth, Pa.) posted a 30-point performance, going 11-for-14 from the field, including a 4-for-4 effort from three-point range in the second half.

Around the league after the jump

Danny O'Brien officially became the Wisconsin starting QB via Twitter. That Biels is a hip, hip lady coach.

Former Nittany Lion commit and current Buckeye Joey O'Connor will miss the entire 2012 season after 'having a knee'.

BTN correspondent Tom Deinhart learned that Purdue dresses eight quarterbacks, and that it is tough getting reps to that many when none have (as yet) blown out their ACL's.

Speaking of curses.....dear Lord, what have you done, Iowa, to cause such suffering? Iowa RB Barkley Hill suffered an apparent knee injury in a recent scrimmage. The AIRBHG thing was funny when it was the 5th or 6th or 8th RB trounced. But what's the count at now? 11? 12? Hang in there, BHGProletariat - and cheer them up by helping out with their project, Touchdowns for Kids.

Illinois Fighting Illinois-ians from Illinois head coach Tim Beckman added another transfer O-lineman, this time from Nebraska. Way to go, Tim Beckman. You'll have the scout team O-line filled out in no time.

Want a challenge? Try finding some fresh news about Indiana football. Here's a compilation of BTN talking head Gerry DiNardo tweeting from IU practice last Thursday. 65 - 70% completion, eh? It's good to have goals.

Of no particular relevance to anything, University of Washington Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian set a new record by dismissing two players on Thursday, and reinstating them in time for Friday's practice. The boys must have learned their lesson fast.

And voters have graced everyone with their official Pre-Season Top 25 rankings. Last year's PreSeason #1? Oklahoma Sooners, who beat Iowa in the Insight Bowl. In 2010 it was Alabama, who beat Michigan State in either the Outback or Captial One bowls. And in 2009, it was the Florida Gators who, through the magic of Tim Tebow, lost the SEC Championship game but still landed the Sugar Bowl spot, where they trounced a Cincinnati team whose coach (Brian Kelly) had just left for greener pastures. The takeaway - you won't win the MNC, but you'll likely win your bowl game.