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Only Michael Zordich Until Penn State Football

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How many Hawkeyes does it take to bring down a Zordich?
How many Hawkeyes does it take to bring down a Zordich?

Michael Zordich, redshirt senior and he of the Zordstache and of much ardor of BSDivas everywhere, looks to be a major force both on and off the field this season, where his leadership and toughness will be counted on on offense and special teams.

Zordich played in every game his redshirt sophomore and junior seasons. In 2011, he started two games and played fullback much of the season behind now-departed fellow legacy Joe Suhey. He ran for 30 yards and two touchdowns, and caught five passes for 31 yards. He led all offensive players with nine tackles, six solo, bringing his trademark ferocity to every special teams play he made.

In 2010, Zordich was officially switched from defense to offense, making the move from linebacker to fullback. He ran for 40 yards on 18 carries, tallying three touchdowns. He made three tackles, two solo, and had one fumble recovery against Illinois in a game that most of us would otherwise care to forget.

Michael Zordich at Media Day, 8/9/2012

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