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Success With Hyperlinking Is One Week and Five Years Away

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Dusty Up In Here. #oneteam

You're About To Be Looking Live. Less than a week to go before five 7pm games kick off the 2012 college football season next Thursday, headlined by the history-laden SEC matchup of South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt.

Get That Paper, Cael. Most accomplished collegiate wrestler in history? Check. Big Ten titles? Check. National championships? Check. 14 All-Americans? Check. A fat extension through the 2017 season? And check.

In Which Tim Beckman Plays The Role Of "Everyone Else". Head Illinois football coach Tim Beckman caught some flak for actively recruiting Penn State players this offseason, and successfully landed lineman Ryan Nowicki. Bret Bielema and Urban Meyer took the high road at the Big Ten media days, saying they wouldn't recruit active Penn State players. Yes, you read that correctly. Bret Bielema. Urban Meyer. High road. However, in this instance, Beckman was perfectly within his right to recruit current Nittany Lions, and I really have no problem with it. Bielema and Meyer simply took the opportunity to appear as idealists, likely because they didn't need any additional help, or current players didn't contact them. Flip the tables, and there isn't a Penn State fan in the world that wouldn't at least speculate on who we could poach from Ohio State if they were in a similar situation.

You're New Favorite Names: Charlie and Mike. As an admitted early skeptic of the Bill O'Brien hire, I'll say he really has been doing everything right thus far, at least off the field. And now he's bringing in Navy Seals to talk to the players and installing a "Continue Mission" mantra? Can this guy be my dad?

Oh, Hey, Another Steroids/PEDs Scan[zzzzzzzzzzzzzz]. Not exactly Penn State related, but I'm finna get on this here soapbox.

Really, Lance Armstrong? You maintain your innocence for years, and are giving up the fight now? I don't know the whole story, but a logical inference from that is that you've been guilty the whole time. I used to like you when you were banging Sheryl Crow, running topless with Wooderson, and filming hilarious cameo appearances in Dodgeball. Now? GMAFB. Been hanging out with Melke Cabrera lately? Shooting bull with Barry, Roger, Rafael, Mark, Sammy, Manny....and, well, you see where I'm going with this.

In a world where everyone is watching, why juice? What does it get you besides a moderate to severe case of paranoia, a couple of marbles in a shrunken man pouch, uber-attractive bacne, and a couple more home runs? I hope they never let Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame.

These idiots are ruining sports for everyone: the fans, the sponsors, the other players, and the kids. My god, David...the children! Somewhere in dust-ridden Texas, a 13-year old kid is looking at clips of Sammy and Mark battling for the home run record a decade ago and is thinking that, hey, it won't hurt anyone if I get a little extra power.

For shame.

[/ rant]

In Scores of Other Games. So you want to be a lawyer? Don't...Melanie Klein: Best Ohio State Mother of ALL TIME...Shutdown Fullback, 'nuff said.

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