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Success With Hyperlinking Can Barely Concentrate

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It's game week.

Did you read that?


As the season begins, SwH will have a schedule where some days it will be strictly non-PSU links, while other days it will be exclusively PSU content. Today will be the former, as I took a quick scan of the interwebs to bring in the news and notes from outside Happy Valley.

What's really funny about the media coverage of late, is that everyone is running out of actual things to say or ask. You can only preview a team so many times, or ask its coach so many of the same questions about the upcoming season. Fluff pieces have been fluffed to death.

I think we need this week to move right along. At the very least, let's move this SwH right along...

Set those DVRs... Week one has some not-terrible college football for you to watch before you wake up Saturday morning. South Carolina vs Vandy on Thursday--where we expect to see all of you right here for the weekly Thursday Night Football Open Thread. Michigan State vs Boise State on Friday night. As the season progresses, there's another schedule you might want to keep in mind. The SBN Mothership compiled a list of the games that will most likely impact the national title race this season. Yes, Notre Dame makes the list a few times.

Co-Links... One refreshingly huge note from the current Penn State depth chart? No more "co-starters" at the important positions. But that doesn't mean one of last year's starters won't have "co-" next to his name on the depth chart. Silas Redd is listed as co-starter with Marcus McNeal on USC's depth chart for week one.

Just because these two teams were almost in the Big Ten, Texas (link) and Notre Dame (link) named starting QBs this week.

Best... Q&A... Ever... Our buds at Cardiac Hill interviewed Voodoo Five, which covers USF, in what we all expected to be a standard Q&A post. Much of it was, until we got to this, just so damn fantastic line:

What To Do On & Around Campus

Don’t go. Seriously. I mean it’s pretty and stuff, but unless you really have an overwhelming desire to see the super cool bookstore or our awesome new athletics facilities, it’s just not a destination type of campus. Oddly, I would tell you to send your children to college there in a nanosecond. It really is the University of Sun and Fun… but you kind of have to go there to appreciate it. Weird I know, but trust me.

Temple tries. They really do... Following their record-breaking second consecutive bowl trip, the Owls put together a hype video.

BUCKEYE JAZZHANDS! Just... look...


Have an outstanding Monday!

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