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The BSD 2012 College Pick 'Em Contest

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Hey you! Do you envy the glamorous life of degenerate gamblers, but are unwilling to risk your precious finances or limbs? Congratulations, we've got your opportunity with the "Black Shoe Diaries 2012" College Pick 'Em Contest. Don't wait until next year to let Gamblor get her neon claws on you, the Mayans say this is your last chance. Head on over to Fun Office Pools and enter your picks today, the first games are set to start Thursday.

What can you win? A shiny $10 gift certificate to Gameday Depot. (I'm sorry, our shirt store is not eligible for this contest, but don't let that stop you from shopping there.)

BSD 2012 College Pick 'Em Official Rules. Some of the key highlights: You can only join one SB Nation Network site's pick 'em pool this year, entering additional pools will disqualify you from prize consideration. You can only win once per month. In the unlikely event of a tie, it will be settled the old fashioned way, at 20 paces at dawn.

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