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Success With Hyperlinking Owns Disorder

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Wait...there's good in the football program? In case you missed it from over the weekend, the New York Times published a great profile of Head Football Coach Bill O'Brien on Saturday. Not much new was noted in the piece, but it's good to see some positive press of the program. Among the not-so-new tidbits: Colleen O'Brien is pure awesome, and is the rock in the family. Among the new tidbits: Syracuse coach Doug Marrone is O'Brien's best friend. Oh yeah, and:

In 2007, Belichick called O’Brien and offered him a job with the Patriots as an offensive assistant. At the time, O’Brien was calling plays as the offensive coordinator at Duke. In New England, he would take a pay cut of 50 to 60 percent, according to John O’Brien, and basically go back to breaking down film like a graduate assistant.

"Most people wouldn’t have taken that jump because it’s such a risk and a leap of faith," said Licht, who is now the Arizona Cardinals’ director of player personnel. "But what surprised me the most is that it was such a quick decision for him. He had so much confidence that this was the best way for him to rise within the profession."

It seems BOB may have a penchant for doing something that seems illogical at the time, but later turns out to be a suave career move.

Not so touching... When word hit that Penn State was no longer going to play Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" in Beaver Stadium this fall, rumors started swirling that it was because of the lyrics in the song. Not so, according to University officials:

"Absolutely no song changes were made based on lyrics," Penn State spokesman David LaTorre said. "This song has come up on the list in recent years because it happens to be played in so many other professional and collegiate venues and has no real origination here at Penn State.

"So while wholesale changes to what happens on game day are not in store, some 'updating' is going to occur, including the music play list. As we considered those changes, 'Sweet Caroline' was one of the songs we decided to switch out."

A whole lot of rampant speculation and hullabaloo over , most probably, nothing. Hmm. I feel like I've heard similar stuff before...

Chambers Seal of Approval...I'm not normally a David Jones fan when it comes to football, but his Penn State basketball coverage is typically decent. While Jones dives a little too in depth into the history of the relationship between the coaches of the two programs for my taste (this is a new era on both sides, after all), his Q&A with Basketball Coach Pat Chambers on his relationship with O'Brien is an interesting read. According to Chambers, he, like many of us, is impressed with the head football coach so far:

This guy's become like the Braveheart of Penn State. He's a fearless leader. He knows what he got himself into. Yet, he's still trying to stay in front of it. He's done everything he needs to do to set this place up and lead us back to respectability of our image – or however you want to phrase it. I commend him on that. I've watched all his interviews and read all the articles. He's done a phenomenal job. He's genuine. And when you're genuine, people wanna be around a guy like that. You believe him.

Another guy who's genuine, and who many of us want to be around? Chambers himself.

The Quarterback is back...the Sunday Morning QB, that is. After focusing solely on his Dr. Saturday blog on yahoo for a while, Matt Hinton is now back with SBN, blogging with the mothership about all things college football. Hinton's generally a level-headed, smart read. Take a gander over there, if you have a chance.

For a good cause...A number of Penn Staters are among ten runners vying to set a world record for a 1,000 mile run. The Life Back on Track relay began Monday at 10 am at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse, and looks to end on Friday afternoon at the Penn State outdoor track. All donations raised in support of the world record attempt go to benefit the Kevin Dare foundation, named after the Penn State track and field athlete who died in a tragic pole vaulting accident; the foundation's mission is to "provide University scholarships to high achieving high school athletes who have suffered a debilitating illness or injury." If you can, donate; they're a little over halfway to their goal as of the writing of this post. If you can't donate money but want to show support, you can tweet at them at @LifeBackonTrack, or leave a comment on the site.

Random PSU football quick hits...McGloin has a Q&A with his hometown newspaper...Many true freshman, like LB Nyeem Wartman, are on the just-released depth chart, and are eager to prove their mettle on the field...Former WR-turned-CB Chaz Powell is optimistic, despite being cut by the Raiders...Onward State breaks down ten football players you may not know yet--but should...Giger alert: he of the golden tips lists the 10 biggest things to look for in Penn State's 2012 season.

In scores of other PSU sports...The Penn State wrestling team announced their 2012-2013 schedule...After a heartbreaking loss to #1 Stanford on Friday, the #6 women's soccer team shut out Central Michigan...Recording 25 kills in three matches (and posting a .889 hitting percentage in the team's third match of last weekend), women's volleyball's Katie Slay was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week...Not to be outdone, after their dismantling of the #3 and #8 teams in the nation, two women's field hockey players garnered Big Ten honors this week: Kelsey Amy and Ayla Halus were named Offensive and Defensive players of the week, respectively...The men's soccer team have also notched two victories so far this season, and look for a home field showdown versus Duquesne this Friday.

Obligatory IT links: The Second Mile's plans to transfer their assets to a Texas-based charity are temporarily on hold...Ex-faculty senate leaders take on the Freeh Report...the walkway in McAllister Alley still has a brick with Sandusky's name on it.

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