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BSD the Storefront: Benefiting RAINN

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In the previous nine months, have you experienced feelings of anger, frustration, or perhaps, anger? How about feelings of outrage, disbelief, sadness, or anger? Do you feel compelled to take action - to do something, but don't know what that something is? Last, does feeling that way anger you?

Well Black Shoe Diaries has your solution: buy a stupid t-shirt.

Black Shoe Diaries is launching....Black Shoe Diaries the "I'm outraged-sad-angry and I'm buying a t-shirt" storefront. All BSD proceeds from all purchases at BSD the storefront will be donated to RAINN, to support victims of abuse.

More "Sham-Wow" coverage of this exciting launch after the jump...

So you've been angry the last 8 days? Maybe "Anger Is My Tackling Fuel" would fit your September 1st tailgate mood, while sucking down a 12-pack of Natty Boh before noon.

Perhaps the last nine months have been unforgettable to you for all the wrong reasons. We agree, and offer "Chinese Zodiac: Year of Flaming Bus".

Have you been less than impressed by the Board of Trustees' performance? Then a "My BoT Sucks" t-shirt could be just what you're looking for.

The store contains BSD logo'ed apparel; un-logo'ed stupid items; and, completely plain items - for men and BSDivas - allowing everyone to find something they could purchase in order to make a contribution to RAINN, no matter where you may currently reside on the Sandusky Scandal and Subsequent Fallout scale of devastation.

Need more incentive? Well, then, keep this fact in mind: just a single purchase from BSD the Storefront will allow you to loudly proclaim the "I did something about it! What have you ever done!" moral superiority defeating argument within the comments sections, with zero reservations. And you get a t-shirt (or yoga pants) out of it too. So that's kinda nice.

You've visited BSD the Storefront and 'all the items suck'? Perhaps best of all, you could win a free t-shirt, compliments of BSD Staff. Use the comments section below to post an original* t-shirt design. The top 3 designs, as determined by recommends, will become t-shirts in the store and the designer gets his/her's free, from BSD the Staff.

All kidding aside: whether you've cheered for Penn State since 1947, or, have never cheered for Penn State and never will; no matter how you feel, do something today, no matter how silly or trivial, to make a difference. Put your money where your heart has been. Each cent counts - and you'll feel better for having done it.

Quick FAQ:

  1. BSD did not become a textile or shipping company. BSD is simply a marketer/reseller, in partnership with Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt provides the products, shipping, customer service, etc. So, rest assured that you aren't relying upon Pettigano to make and ship you the t-shirt you order.
  2. Spreadshirt pays BSD a commission on each product purchased. BSD passes each penny of all commissions to RAINN.
  3. Instead of asking Louis Freeh to speculate on our motive, we'll state it outright: the staff of BSD thought BSD the Storefront would be a fun way to raise a few dollars for RAINN.
  4. BSD the Storefront will not live a long life. We anticipate closing the virtual doors in a few weeks.
  5. Wearing a logo'ed product from BSD the Storefront will allow others to identify and avoid you at tailgates, while hiking, or in a museum. You owe people that much.

*Original: you certify that: i) no part of your design is trademarked, patented or otherwise protected; and ii) you're providing a perpetual, non-exclusive grant of your 100% original design to BSD the Storefront, in consideration for fame and limitless honor among your peers; and iii) agree that all proceeds, royalties, and benefits incurring from said 100% original design shall accrue to RAINN, a charitable organization devoted to the prevention of abuse, and to assisting survivors of abuse. Please consult your local BSD Wentworth attorney for additional details.

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