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Four Quarters, Four Questions: Ohio Week

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Welcome back to the first ever Four Quarters, Four Questions. Wait, welcome back? Well, yea. It's still Adam and Jeff, and they're still discussing football and other tangents. But now in a format that's easy to follow along!

FQFQ will be your weekly podcast here at BSD, with the esteemed hosts discussing four separate topics, with a little frolic and detour mixed in for fun.

This week, for the inaugural FQFQ, the mighty Bobcats of Ohio University are coming to town to face the Penn State... [flips furiously through press release, ensures nickname hasn't changed] ... Nittany Lions. So click to listen, or download and listen while you jog through the park scoping babes. It all sounds the same to us.

Black Shoe Podcast, Four Quarters, Four Questions: Ohio Week

Technical Note: This technical note is going to appear at the bottom of this page all season until someone can walk us through the process of getting these things to iTunes. And I mean walk us through as in pretend we're nine years old and have never heard of iTunes. Yea, that's where we're at.

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