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Success with Hyperlinking is Staying Put

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Old news yes, but let's start off on a positive note. I don't think anyone in their wildest dreams would have predicted that roughly 3,000 fans would show up at 6 A.M. to cheer on the players as they head to the first workouts, but it happened. It goes without saying, but Rise and Rally was a huge success.

Can we finally start talking about stuff on the field? Today begins summer practice and the players have a lot to prove but if you listen to Jordan Hill they will.

"We're going to lean on one another," said defensive tackle Jordan Hill, one of the leaders. "We can't run away from this situation. We've been through so much. I think it's really going to show on the field, just how tight we are. We have guys who really care. I've said it over and over, unless you're inside that [football] building, you can't understand what type of people we have. If they did, they wouldn't be saying we're dead. On Sept. 1, we'll be alive and kicking."

Of Course we wouldn't be here if we didn't have the leaders that stayed instead of jumping ship.

On one hand, the benefits of leaving Penn State are precise: playing for a conference title, going to a big bowl, making a run at a national championship. Maybe even walking into more playing time.

Seniors like Mike Mauti and Mike Zordich, recruits like Adam Breneman and Christian Hackenberg, will forever be men who control and shape their situations in life, regardless of football. That's what they will gain from this.

This class will be remembered for something completely different than wins and losses.

Staying is not an easy decision Angelo Mangiro came to Penn State to play for a national championship and to play in the Rose Bowl. That's why his decision to stay and the others that stayed are so inspirational.

But as the NCAA president spoke, Angelo’s dream of playing in the postseason for Penn State was destroyed. For Angelo, the feeling was equivalent to that of the Apollo 13 astronauts when they realized their sick spacecraft wouldn’t allow them to perform a lunar landing. "We lost the moon," astronaut Jim Lovell said. Upon hearing Emmert’s decree, Angelo told his father, "We just lost the Rose Bowl!"

Tom Dienhart of gives you 10 reasons to be excited about Penn State football. I like #1:

1. Bill O’Brien. He brings an attitude and mind-set that will impact the program and serve him well as he begins the arduous process of rebuilding this proud program. And O’Brien’s biggest asset may be his NFL background, working with the New England Patriots since 2007. O’Brien, 42, arrived in State College after coordinating the Patriots’ dynamic offense in 2011. Recruits should be interested in being groomed by a coach who has helped develop the likes of Tom Brady.

I couldn't agree more.

Finally, what would SwH be without an obligatory reference to IT? Former Penn State football players Franco Harris, Rudy Glocker and Christian Marrone sent out a letter to fellow alumni criticizing the Freeh report. You can read the entire letter here. Read more here.

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