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BSD the Storefront: Contest Winners

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Some people just can't help ruining good things, can they? But enough talk about people with social disorders. Let's get back on track with a BSD the Storefront special, undefiled update.

First, BSD the Staff would like to thank everyone who submitted design ideas, and everyone who donated to RAINN by buying a stupid t-shirt. You're proof positive of an outstanding, generous, and truly cultist, online community. Again - thank you.

Most importantly, though, the results of the voting are in. Roll call of the winners after the jump.

Let's get straight to the winners. Coming in first place, with 9 recommends...."BSD Mods: Closing Posts Since Nov 2011" - submitted by Jeff Junstrom. The shirt is now available in the store. Junstrom, however, has been disqualified for being Junstrom. No t-shirt for you.

Therefore, coming in first place, with 7 recommends...."[redacted] is my Conscience" - submitted by Kijana's Acl. Sadly, Kijana was also disqualified for using the screen name of a total douchea in his design. A modified version of this shirt, "Douchea is my Conscience" is now available in the store. Kijana still wins a free version of the modified shirt, if he wants it. But, in the spirit of competitive equality, his win has been vacated from the blog record books, along with all other winning comments he's made since 1998.

So - for the last time: coming in first place, with 7 recommends...."Atonement? Junk Punch" - submitted by TheHumbleBuckeye. This is a modified version of Humble's submission. But, we feel, it accurately captures the essence of his message without offending the elderly at a tailgate. "Junk Punch" could be a bad drink, for all they know. You'll maintain plausible deniability with the AARP's, and, a cool, hipster flair with the younger, under-employed.

Finishing in a tie for second place, both with 6 recommends each:

"My Football Has A Culture Problem" - jman07.

"BSD Hoss's Date Night.... * Boop" - skarocksoi.

Gentlemen, click my username, shoot me an email with your shipping address and shirt size, and an all-expenses paid version of your winning entry (or, modified entry for Kijana) will be on its way, so long as none of you are current student athletes. [Humble may exchange his t-shirt for credit at a tattoo parlor without penalty].

BSD the Staff wants to thank all participants, and wishes to acknowledge via Honorable Mention, their submissions. All Honorable Mentions are also now available in BSD the Storefront:

"My former and current coaches graduated from Brown. They hate education."
- AriesGD.

"My Ass is Elite", on yoga pants. Lexi1031.

"My other shirt is at Posluszny's House." - MainLion

"My other shirt says I'm a cultist." - SymbolOfOurBest'11

"Keep Calm and Post Bunnies." - skarocksoi

"I'm with Moxie" - mvrck

"0-1 vs. Bye" - mvrck

"your ____ sounds hot" - ppfcpp

"Home of the Brave but not the Freeh"
- PSU_Lions_84's spouse

"#1 student philanthropy + #1 Fulbright Scholars = Football Culture Problem" - psualum9931

As a reminder, all BSD proceeds from BSD the Storefront benefit RAINN. And, according to RAINN's latest newsletter, just $18 per month will help 21 survivors to take steps toward recovery through their Online Hotline. In the first 3 days of BSD the Storefront's existence, we've already done the equivalent of two months. Let's knock out the rest of the year before Sept 1st.

Willing to buy but all the t-shirts still suck? Post your design below with an "I will buy" title, and we'll get it out there for you.

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