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Only Curt Warner Until Penn State Football

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Penn State is known as "Linebacker U"--and rightfully so--but the pantheon of great Penn State running backs is almost as hallowed as the ranks of standouts at any other position. And standing head and shoulders above the other great Nittany Lion backs is Curt Warner, who rewrote the record books during his years in Happy Valley. An All-American in 1981 and a second-team All-American a year later, Warner owned 42 schol records when he left Penn State. A three-time NFL Pro Bowler, College Football Hall-of-Famer, and all-around great guy, Warner will likely be back in State College often over the next four years to cheer on his son, Jonathan, a freshman with the 2012 squad.

Oh, right, and he was the best player on Joe Paterno's first national championship team, back in 1982.

All this is to say, well, don't throw out your #25 jerseys. They're just throwback Curt Warners now.

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