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Only Lydell Mitchell Until Penn State Football

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Another day, another great Penn State running back, and Lydell Mitchell certainly was spectacular. Paired with Franco Harris for each of his three years in the Blue and White, Mitchell formed one-half of perhaps the best one-two punch in college football history--and in 1969, those two were joined by yesterday's profilee,Charlie Pittman. But it was Mitchell's 1971 senior season that made him a legend. Leading a top-5 Penn State team to a one-loss season, Mitchell amassed over 1560 rushing yards and 29 touchdowns en route to an All-America season and a 5th-place finish in the Heisman balloting. His rushing total stood as a Penn State record until Larry Johnson broke it a decade ago, and he still holds almost all the spots in the books when it comes to touchdowns. His 9-year NFL career included 3 Pro Bowl appearances, and Mitchell was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

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