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Success With Hyperlinking Remembers It's Just A Game


It Never Stops Being Frightening: You can complain about missed kicks all you want, but at the end of the day you just hope all the players can walk off the field. Two separate, yet similar incidents on Saturday resulted in players being carted off and hospitalized after being hit by their own teammate going for a tackle. At this point it's too early to tell, though the prognosis for Arkansas CB Tevin Mitchel is much better than Tulane S Devon Walker, who's already undergone at least a three-hour spinal surgery. Hopes for a speedy recovery to both.

Big Ten Still Setting Precedent: The Big East commissioner is on the record with a denial there will be a name change once the conference goes national next year. To be fair, everywhere is east in relation to an unspecified more western point, it's harder to make the argument 12 ever equals 10.

So Much For The Myth Of Southern Speed: That was quick, Wisconsin fired it's offensive line coach, Mike Markuson, after two games and replaced him with Bart Miller.

Never Easy For Indiana: Even in a blowout win, and the first win over an FBS opponent under Kevin Wilson, the Hoosiers managed to lose QB Tre Roberson for the season with a broken leg.

This Has Potential: Mike Pereira has a weekly column taking a closer look at officials' calls in several games from Saturday, while this edition is underwhelming, it could be a really great review breakdown in the future.

The Pros Are Back Even If The Refs Are Not: PSU in the NFL has your review for Nittany Lions for the week that was.

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