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Former Foes: Week 2

Seriously; we lost to this team?!?!?
Seriously; we lost to this team?!?!?

If you're like me you react initially to each and every team Penn State plays on a week by week basis with preconceived notions about the team PSU is playing at that moment. Seldom do we go back and reevaluate the teams Penn State has already played. Mostly we look forward and change our opinions of the teams coming up on the schedule, but we forget about the Directional Michigan teams after the last whistle blows. Well, we're here to educate as well as entertain at BSD, and with that I give you Former Foes: a weekly look back at past Penn State opponents. Of course, this reoccurring post will grow as the season wears on but this week we only have one team to keep an eye on.

So…. how are the Bobcats doing anyway???

Ohio (2-0)

Beat New Mexico State 51-24

Don't look now but Ohio has won 8 of their last 9 games. The Bobcats, clinging to a slim 21-17 lead in the 3rd quarter, kicked a 37-yard Matt Weller field goal and never looked back scoring 24 unanswered points. Tyler Tettleton threw for 257 yards and 2 scores and added a touchdown on the ground for good measure. Speaking of the ground game, fellow Bobcat Beau Blankenship tore up the Aggies, rushing 27 times for 168 yards and 2 scores of his own.

Ohio dominated on offense beating New Mexico St in almost every statistical category. The Bobcats doubled the Aggies in total yards (584-206) and 1st downs (28-15), won the 3rd down conversion war (8-5), and time of possession (32 ish-28 ish). The only negative thing you could say about Ohio is they took far too many penalties (10 to New Mexico's 4).

Next up: Marshall, who got walloped by WVU 69-34 in week 1.

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