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Four Quarters, Four Questions: Temple Week


After a week off, Adam and I return to discuss the first ever Bill O'Brien victory, and many other topics. Other discussion points:

  • How much naps on a Tuesday ruled;
  • Why Allen Robinson's lack of production reminds us of 1994;
  • Updates on "IT", including a discussion of Malcolm Gladwell's recent New Yorker article;
  • A new debate originally planned for an OT Friday FanPost, that was set to be titled "Stiff Competition";
  • What to expect out of the Temple Owls; and
  • Some teasers about some coming changes to BSD, including a preemptive call for all commenters who only stop by to talk about the meta issues of the site.

Exciting stuff, as per usual. Figure out the theme of the songs, and I'll personally send you a signed picture of Adam Collyer.

Black Shoe Podcast, Four Quarters, Four Questions: Temple Week

Technical Note: Still working on the iTunes thing. Promise.

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