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Oh, Hello: Chad Markulics Commits to Black Shoe Diaries


Chad Markulics
(Former BSD Handle: cdmPSU17)

Chad Markulics certainly isn't the first commitment for Black Shoe Diaries, but it could be argued he is the first official coup for the basketball team. My man Chad was offered a spot to assist with our basketball coverage as we gear up for another awesome hoops season (official practice starts in just 19 days!). His help will be a valuable addition as we attempt to ramp up the basketball content here at Black Shoe Diaries. With year two of the #ATTITUDE era promising to be better than the first, and with the Big Ten continuing to dominate the NCAA landscape, we are hoping to expand our efforts to bring you the best PSU basketball coverage on the interwebs.

Chad comes to BSD with a recent Media Studies degree from Dear Old State, internship experience with the Goon Show, and more importantly, a Coach Morse Basketball Class Championship. More about Chad, in the his own words below:

I'm currently living at home with my parents and looking for some form of employment in the long term, while trying to scrape funds together for an Xbox and FIFA 13 in the short term (also, quick question: do I have to move into the basement now? It's cold and damp down there and I really don't want to if it isn't required or anything).

I have a cockapoo named Molly who is sleeping next to me as I write this, I enjoy short walks on the beach, Josh Homme is my favorite musician, and I just adore Patrick Chambers. To answer your questions (Favorite Romantic Comedy, Emma vs Blake, and his position on the Lousiana Purchase): Does The Jerk count as a romantic comedy? I'd argue it does. Emma Stone all day every day, and the Louisiana Purchase is indeed the greatest, but I will add that the Alaska Purchase is a closer second than most people would like to admit.

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