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Linked Up: Around the Big Ten

Michigan and Notre Dame break up; the conference is on tilt; and last week was all sorts of dumpster fire. Hey, at least we undefeated Minnesota and Northwestern as anchors!

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First things first, our first community-wide effort is an attempt to get you guys to check out some of our other sites, and we've decided to highlight some of the better blogs in the Big Ten.

Over at Off Tackle Empire, the gang weighs in on the Michigan-Notre Dame split. Personally, I have to agree with Chad, in that this is one big YAAAWN. These teams haven't even played 40 times? Damn you, NBC, for making me think this was some important historical rivalry. Now what will I do when Denard is getting knocked out or Tommy Rees is throwing for nine interceptions? That's right, I'll be watching ANYTHING ELSE.

What is wrong with the Big Ten this year? What ISN'T wrong with the Big Ten this year. Land-Grant Holy Land tackles this issue, and comes up with the only logical conclusion: Iowa is at rock bottom, huffing keyboard cleaner in their mom's car while waiting for the next trick to call.

Speaking of the Hawkeyes, our friends at Black Heart Gold Pants cover last week's games in dumpster-fire-awesomeness. While the fire raged elsewhere, Penn State managed to sneak in another (!) win, and Ross took note of something Nittany Lions fans have known since the first game - Allen Robinson is the best wide receiver in the conference.

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