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Four Quarters, Four Questions: Illinois Week

Adam Collyer and Jeff Junstrom take a look back at Temple, a look ahead at Illinois, and cover the United launch, record breaking Matt McGloin and Allen Robinson, and the Leaders Division.

Hunter Martin - Getty Images

New site layout, same lame jokes from Collyer and I. OK, the lame jokes were mostly from me ("Poachmaster General" is copyrighted, so BACK OFF). This week:

  • Some things change, some things stay the same (#MLSmoothies);
  • The complete look (finally!) of the Penn State offense;
  • Will the name "Matthew McGloin" end up in the Penn State record book?; and
  • Who is going to eat Tim Beckman's face off of his face first?

Exciting stuff, as per usual. No mystery on this week's song choices inspired by Mr. Z.

Black Shoe Podcast, Four Quarters, Four Questions: Illinois Week

Technical Note: Still working on the iTunes thing. Promise.

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