OT Friday: One for the Ladies

An email chain amongst the staff of BSD yesterday got me thinking (dangerous, I know); it spurred a raging debate inside my head over a choice I never thought I'd be forced to make.

Poz or Mauti?

In the slightly creepy, semi-celebrity debates, you guys have your Aries-inspired Blake vs Emma, and the myriad shootoffs of that inspiring question. I'm not so sure we football-loving ladies (and guys, if you're into that, NTTAWWT of course). So I'm here to provide that debate.

As many of you already know, I love me some linebackers. I like hard hits, and I like the intelligence and versatility that exceeding in that defensive position requires. With Mauti's inclusion on the Bednarik watch list yesterday, this excrutiating dilemma was brought up.

I'm not talking on the field prowess (as Rambler often points out, Jack Ham says Posluszny was the best linebacker to play at Penn State, and who's dumb enough to go against Jack Ham). I'm not even talking straight good-looks. I'm talking that unquantifiable je ne sais quois.

While I'd argue that Poz has a handsomeness an clean-cut good lookedness about him (though, seriously dude, cut your hair), I've shifted my vote to Mauti. Why? One word: passion. The passion, along with the loyalty and drive and anger and love for Penn State and the game that he's shown the past few months, have moved Mauti up the charts these past few months. He's got IT (and not the bad kind).

What say you? Poz or Mauti? I'll also accept write ins, but limit yourselves to linebackers only, please. Anyone else will be immediately disqualified, no matter how many times he says hi to PSUgirl.

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