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Al Pacino To Play Paterno In Biopic

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Since November, everyone has said what has played out in State College was almost like a movie. Now it actually will be. reported today that Al Pacino will play Coach Joe Paterno in a biopic based off of Joe Posnanski's recently released biography, "Paterno". Pacino has played the role of a coach before in "Any Given Sunday" and I can't say that I didn't enjoy him in it.

So onto a few questions: Is it too soon? Should it be done at all? And most importantly, who will play everyone else?

Odds are that most of the characters will be based around the Sandusky dilemma, as Paterno's building of the Penn State program won't translate into box office numbers in the eyes of many, so we have to decide who will play those involved in the scandal.

My list:

Brooklyn Decker as Sue Paterno (Pacino always has something young on his arm in his movies)

Will Ferrell (with a dye job) as Mike McQueary

Ted Roof as Graham Spanier (as Mike pointed out on Twitter)

That guy who played Sunshine in Remember the Titans as Shane McGregor

...and I'm not going anywhere near who will play Jerry Sandusky.