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Southern Scuffle Open Thread

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Shake off those Jagerbombs, get some coffee, and wake up; it's time for Wraslin'!!


UPDATE: Penn State only loses 1 match in round 1 and is in 2nd place.

Here's the next two day's schedule (mighty hat tip to jtothep who does fine work as always)

Tuesday, January 1st
7:45am- Weigh Ins and Skin Check
9:00 a.m Ticket Office Opens and Doors Open to the General Public. Buy Tickets Online
10:00am- Pigtails and 32 Man Championship (8 Mats, 180 matches approx. 340 Wrestlers)
1:30pm- Pigtail & 1st Round Consolation (8 Mats, 120 Matches approx.)
3:30pm- Round of 16 Championship (8 Mats, 80 Matches)
5:00pm- 2nd Round Consolation (8 Mats, 80 Matches)
6:30pm- Championship Quarterfinals (4 Mats, 40 Matches) and 3rd Round Consolation (4 mats, 40 Matches )

Wednesday, January 2nd
7:45am- Weigh Ins and Skin Check
9:00 a.m. Ticket Office Opens and Doors Open to the General Public. Buy Tickets Online
10:00am- 4th Round Consolation (4 Mats, 40 Matches)
12:00pm- Semifinals (2 Mats, 20 Matches) and Consolation Quarterfinals (2 Mats, 20 Matches)
2:00pm- Consolation Semifinals (4 mats, 20 Matches)

6:00pm- Finals (1 Mat, 10 Matches), Medal Matches (3rd-8th Place) (3 mats, 30 Matches)

Here's the lineup

125 Nico Megaludis
133 Jordon Conaway
133 Jimmy Gulibon
141 Bryan Pearsall
141 Zack Beitz
149 Jim English
149 Seth Beitz
157 Jim Vollrath
165 Nick Fischer
165 David Taylor
174 Matt Brown
174 James Frascella
184 Ed Ruth
197 Quentin Wright
HWT Jimmy Lawson
HWT Jon Gingrich
HWT Nick Ruggear

No Altons but who cares anyway, next man up. I'll try to keep you guys updated as much as possible, check back in and comment often. The only coverage I could find is audio ($$$here) and some video ($$$here).

Same open thread rules apply (just don't be that guy).

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