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John Butler Conference Call Highlights

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Former secondary coach John Butler was introduced as Penn State's new defensive coordinator today on a conference call.


Some highlights from today's introduction:

  • Butler referenced many times that the defense would look very similar to the 2012 version. He even continued to describe it as multiple and aggressive, just like outgoing coordinator Ted Roof.
  • His promotion came down just yesterday as Bill O'Brien came into his office and told him that he would be promoted to defensive coordinator. Butler described it as, "it wasn't like there was a surprise party...., just accept the responsibility and move on."
  • He'll still be coaching the secondary, but it has yet to be decided whether he will focus on the corners or the safeties. He's not sure what he'll be doing with special teams yet.
  • With Butler being promoted, there is one assistant spot now open. Butler said that any questions on that front would have to be answered by O'Brien.
  • Butler could not say enough about defensive line coach Larry Johnson, Sr. and linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden. He also described Roof as a great communicator and referenced communication many times during the call as the basis for doing a great job.
  • In addition to Roof, Butler named Everett Withers and Kevin Cosgrove as influences on his coaching career.
  • While he's the new head of the defense, Butler thinks he'll be just as loud and visibly demonstrative as ever on the sidelines.
  • He's hoping that players will be more comfortable with defensive packages this year and they are know into repetitive learning and nothing should be foreign to them anymore.
  • Finally, the definition of the team's aggressive defense: To be confusing, not allowing the offense to dictate what the defense is going to do, changing coverage looks and moving guys around the field. He said if something isn't working, they'll try something else.

A full transcript of the conference call can be found here. Once again, as is becoming accustomed with the O'Brien staff, Butler said all the right things in his first major talk with the media.

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