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Success With Hyperlinking Says Hello to Their Little Friends

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Al Pacino, Mike McQueary and a bunch of other stuff that involves Penn State in one way or another.

Malcolm Emmons-US PRESSWIRE
  • You know that movie that's going to be coming out about Joe Posnanski's Paterno? The one about Joe Pa's life and all that jazz that has the working title "Happy Valley"? WELL, it's apparently going to reunite Scarface's Al Pacino (playing Joe Paterno) and director Brian De Palma. SPOILER: It is going to end with Joe breaking into the NCAA offices and shooting up Mark Emmert (played by Robert Loggia) while high on cocaine before being gunned down in cold blood.
  • Mike McQueary has filed a whistleblower and defamation lawsuit against Penn State. You probably knew this. Now, Penn State is trying to get the suit thrown out. I'd explain why, how this would work and what Big Mac's chances are, but I don't know anything about the legal system, so feel free to direct any and all questions to Adam or Jeff.
  • In recruiting news, ESPN's Jared Shanker was told that 2014 QB Joey Duckworth is being visited by Toledo and Pitt, and that the Nits will be getting into the mix soon. According to Rivals, some other schools in the mix are Ohio State, Louisville, Michigan State and Wisconsin.
  • With all the controversy over concussions in sports (and by "controversy," I mean "PR Roger Goodell is doing to make himself looks like he cares about something other than money"), it looks like PSU is going to try to do something to make their athletes safer. To accomplish this, they'll be using virtual reality, which is apparently nothing like the cheap Power Rangers rip-off TV show from the 90's.
  • In Penn State non-sports news: "Suit Up Penn State" exists and is really, really on campus snowball fight led to the cops being called...Soooo liek bros nd hawt gurlz got liek sooooo durnk u guyz n "I'm Shmacked" wuz dere 2 film it all (if you have a child that goes to Penn State and you want to be an asshole parent, feel free to watch)...Penn State's World Campus is one of the most kick ass online universities out there...Penn State Mont Alto is looking for a new chancellor.