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Wrestling Preview: vs. Nebraska

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The Nebraska Bug Eaters journey to Rec Hall for a showdown with #1 Penn State

Keef Stone Keeps It Cool
Keef Stone Keeps It Cool

Nebraska's on a roll. They just took out #5 Illinois, 18-15, on the road, for their first victory over a Top-5 team since 2008. Before that, they defeated #11 Michigan and #18 Northwestern. The Huskers aren't going to beat #1 Penn State - I mean, let's get real, here - but they are a perfect tune-up for the Lions, before Cael's crew heads west to Iowa City next week.

BTN: No. Not live, anyway. Scan the channel guide to find that Wednesday 1pm StudentU re-broadcast.

125 LBS

#2 Nico Megaludis vs. UR (FR) Eric Coufal - Coufal is a true frosh. He should be taking a 'shirt, but he's been forced into the lineup this year. Coufal was pinned by #3 Delgado last week. This week he gets the national #2. Have fun out there, Eric Coufal.

Line: Nico by Fall

133 LBS

UR Jordan Conaway vs. UR (JR) Shawn Nagel - Nagel was at 125 last year when he faced Nico and took a 6-23 tech fall on the chin. Nagel dropped an 8-10 decision last week to #11 Daryl Thomas of Illinois. Conaway had a great weekend, whipping his Purdue opponent and stealing one from #3 Tyler Graff after Graff quit wrestling after 6 minutes.

Line: Conaway minus 4

141 LBS

UR Bryan Pearsall vs. #19 (SR) Ridge Kiley - Kiley brings a 12-6 record into this match with Pearsall. Kiley lost to Frankie Martellotti in last year's Big Ten tournament to miss out on a spot in the NCAA's. (It feels like I write the same thing almost every week....but:) Pearsall needs this win for seeding and to improve his chances at a bid to Nationals, if it came to that. Last week's first period pinfall over Wisconsin's Kelliher - who beat him last year - was a big step in the right direction. I think Pearsall keeps it going.

Line: Pearsall minus 3.5

149 LBS - Match of the Meet #1

#3 Andrew Alton vs. #12 (SO) Jake Sueflohn - Sueflohn has some really nice skins on his wall, with victories over Oregon State's Sakaguchi, Cornell's Villalonga, and Ohio State's Cam Tessari. Assuming this match lasts the full seven minutes - and that's never a sure bet with Andrew, who is expected to return to the lineup this week - this could be a chance to see how Andrew's mat work has improved.

Line: Alton minus 4.5

157 LBS - Match of the Meet #2

#6 Dylan Alton vs. #4 (SO) James Green - Dylan pulled out an overtime victory against Green in last year's dual despite some questionable "illegal-fist-to-the-back" calls. Then both freshmen finished as All-Americans in last year's NCAAs. Green defeated #3 Jason Welch 9-8 just 10 days ago, and sits at 15-1 on the season, with his lone loss a 6-7 decision to UVa's Jedd Moore (who won the Scuffle) back in December. Get ready for some fireworks in this matchup.

Line: Alton minus 1


You know the drill. Stretch, scratch, and stick your car key into that can of Keystone Light; then tilt and crack the lid. Be sure to toss the can on your floor when finished, and give a barbaric belch that makes your significant other yell to the rec room to see if you're still okay.

165 LBS

#2 David Taylor vs. UR (SR) Tyler Koehn - Koehn must be coming back from an injury, as he's only wrestled 6 matches so far this season, with just a 4-2 record. Koehn was at 174lbs last season but has dropped down to '65 as his teammate Kokesh bumped up. Koehn has the ability to keep this match close - as in, he only gets majored instead of the more typical tech fall from Taylor.

Line: Taylor minus 9.5

174 LBS - Match of the Meet #3

#3 Matt Brown vs. #4 (SO) Robert Kokesh - three awesome matches in the same meet? Why yes, I'll take that. Kokesh is already 25-1 on the season, with his lone loss a 1-3 SV decision to Minnesota's Logan Storley early in the year. In his last 5 matches, Kokesh has majored Lee Munster twice; beaten Lehigh's Nathaniel Brown by a comfortable 8-4 score; and bested two more ranked opponents, Dan Yates and Jordan Blanton (the pre-season #2) by matching 8-3 scores. This will be an awesome test for Matt Brown, who was a little sloppy (by his standards) against Wisconsin.

Line: Brown minus 2.5

184 LBS

#1 Ed Ruth vs. #8 (SR) Josh Ihnen - Ihnen got smoked by a flu-ravaged Quentin in the dual match last season, and then he beat Quentin in the Big Ten Championship quarterfinals when Quentin appeared confused by the match score, sitting on a lead that he didn't actually have. Many a beer were downed in frustration that night, as it appeared PSU's chances of repeating as B1G champs went down in a series of quarterfinal flame-outs. Consequently, I have a serious distaste for Josh Ihnen to this day, through no fault of his own.

Line: Ruth minus 6.5 - because I think Ed saves his greatest beat downs for tournament time.

197 LBS

#3 Quentin Wright vs. UR (JR) Caleb Kolb - Kolb is from Grove City, and won a PIAA state title his senior year (2009), as true freshman Q was on his way to making NCAA All-American. Kolb is just 9-10 on the season, and based on recent scores, he probably has pretty good defense but struggles to score from neutral. His most recent result was a 3-4 loss to last year's Big Ten Champion Mario Gonzalez.

Line: Quentin minus 5.5

285 LBS

#17 Jon Gingrich vs. UR (SO) Spencer Johnson - Johnson has (apparently) beaten out highly touted Donnie Longendyke for this spot in the lineup - so maybe he and Jon can share stories about that process between periods. Johnson is listed at 197 LBS on the Nebraska roster, which gives us all an indication of his size. He beat Illinois' heavyweight in his most recent match, 3-1. Does Jon start and stay aggressive in another match he's 'supposed' to win?

Line: Gingrich minus 3.5


There are a lot of great match-ups in this dual, and it will pretty easily be Penn State's stiffest test of the young season. All of that being written, I don't see Nebraska winning more than 1.5 matches. So this is likely still a blow-out, but the blowout will be by 3 touchdowns instead of the more typical 5 touchdown spread.

Line: Penn State minus 22.5

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