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NCAA Screws Up Miami Investigation, Declares That Water Is Wet


What happened HURR DURR???
What happened HURR DURR???
Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE

The NCAA is investigating, well, itself, or rather having an external group investigate (hey, I hear Louis Freeh is available!) the organization after it has been found that the committee looking into infractions at the University of Miami were unethical in their pursuits. Let’s go to the tweets.

Three reasons cases are different. 1) Freeh didn’t have subpoena power. 2) Info was released publicly. 3) PSU was obligated to provide info.

— John Infante (@John_Infante) January 23, 2013

That's the most of it. Full details can be found in the link above.

ANALYSIS: At the time, I didn't blame President Erickson for entering into the Consent Decree. I guess I still don't because of the circumstances and the "unprecedentness" at the time. I know that isn't the prevailing thought among Penn Staters. But if there was a time machine to see what would have happened today back then, there would be 100% consensus on all ends of the spectrum that Penn State should have never entered into the agreed upon sanctions. Miami, a school that has probably steered clear of the death penalty on multiple occasions and one that has a case for it at this time, might not be slapped with anything due to the incompetence of Mark Emmert's staff. It's mind-blowing, really.

Ironically, it's a lack of institutional control.

So, I say blow it all up. Disband the NCAA as it is now, release every school from whatever penalties or sanctions they might be facing and start anew. Whether it goes by the same name or not is neither here nor there, but create a new rulebook vastly thinner than the one that is in place now and start over come July 1.

Will that ever happen. Ha. But it's always nice to dream. But in a culture where cheating a running rampant, the NCAA is the equivalent to the insane running the asylum.

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