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Reports: BOB Has NFL Interest, Mrs. BOB Does Not

O'Brien is said to want this situation over by this weekend.


Lots of news this morning. Let's get right to it.

La Canfora went on the radio in Cleveland yesterday saying that Bill O'Brien indeed does not seem to have his mind made up yet about a move to the NFL, but hopefully will by this weekend. The fact that O'Brien has not said no takes away from the his radio appearance in November saying he was going to be staying on as coach of the Nittany Lions.

So what would be enough to lure the coach away from Happy Valley? David Jones seems to think a job offer from the Eagles would do the trick which he talked about on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia this morning. Jones says that if the Eagles were to offer their head coaching position to O'Brien, he would be gone and it is the only job that he seems interested in at this point. Jones added, though, that the Eagles would not pay anything up front for an O'Brien buyout from Penn State. Whether that number is near $9 million or $18 million, O'Brien would be on his own to pay it or get it erased.

Finally, what would a Penn State-coach-to-the-NFL conflict be without the coach's wife being involved?

Clark tweeted this once, deleted it and then put it up again after about an hour.

It seems that Colleen O'Brien is playing the role of Sue Paterno forty years after the matriarch of Penn State's first family convinced Joe Paterno to stay at Penn State after basically deciding to take a job with the New England Patriots.

So, is O'Brien just using all of this for leverage or does he have serious interest in the NFL? At this point, you have to think that it's somewhere in the middle. If La Canfora is correct, we have three more days of speculation, Penn Staters. Keep holding onto those butts.

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