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Success with Hyperlinking Is Hunting Deer

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A collection of useful links relevant to Penn State, college sports, and life in general.

Apropos of nothing, but I was in Snowshoe last weekend, and this is an EXACT replication of one of my runs.
Apropos of nothing, but I was in Snowshoe last weekend, and this is an EXACT replication of one of my runs.
Ezra Shaw

Well Let's Just Get This Out Of The Way. Ray Lewis, famed turf stomper, and some members of the 2012 Alabama national championship team have been linked to using a deer antler spray, which is a comical thing to write, but is also allegedly against the rules. The spray is supposed to help muscle recovery and build muscle mass.

So, if you're following this story, Hollywood, so far we have the following: an aging PGA Tour champion, a male stripper, and Alabama football. Let's make that movie.

Signing Day Is Coming! EEEEEE! In case you didn't know, National Letter of Intent Day is next Wednesday, February 6. As is generally the case with Penn State football, little fanfare will surround the day for Nittany Lion fans. Adam Breneman is already on campus, Christian Hackenberg is as close to a lock as can be ("Please don't be Chad Henne 2.0, please don't be Chad Henne 2.0..."), and the rest of the non-early enrollees should be sending in their antiquated methods of information transmission as expected. Will the staff send out a couple more offers to fill the remaining spot(s)? Unlikely, but I doubt ESPN will throw up much of a fuss if a two-star linebacker makes a last minute switch to Penn State.

The bigger story of late is the growing list of "run-on" commitments, as Bill O'Brien tries to keep pace with the rest of the conference despite the scholarship sanctions.

Spring Practice? QB DEBATE TIME! Penn State finalized their spring practice schedule, which will culminate with the annual Blue-White Game on April 20. No word yet on who will be this year's "Paul Jones to Shawney Kersey Connection" award winners.

In Scores of Other Games. Daniel Day-Lewis doing Daniel Day-Lewis things...Most Big Ten restaurant? It should be Eat 'n Park...Grantland did a great job putting this together, but completely botched the result (Bill D'F will be around later to tell you the greatest comedic line ever said on television)...Super Bowl prop bets (GAMBLING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN).