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PA State Senator Jake Corman Sues NCAA Over Use of $60 Million Fine

Corman says that the NCAA's use of the fine outside of Pennsylvania conflicts with the state's constitution.

Joe Robbins

Leading state senator Jake Corman filed a lawsuit in Commonwealth court on Friday to keep the funds from the $60 million fine that the NCAA handed down to Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal within the state's borders instead of being used nationally. The docket sheet can be found here. It's the second lawsuit filed in the past three days that the NCAA is facing after Governor Corbett filed a federal antitrust suit, hoping to dismiss all sanctions this past Wednesday.

According to the Centre Daily Times, Corman says that the NCAA using funds without the state's supervision of that money violates the Pennsylvania constitution.

The NCAA’s plan to use 75 percent of the $60 million, or $45 million, for prevention programs outside Pennsylvania violates the state’s constitution on the grounds lawmakers review and oversee the university’s spending, Corman said. That cannot be circumvented by the NCAA’s forcing Penn State to sign the consent decree that included the sanctions, the suit said.

In the suit, Corman contends that Penn State would not be able to pay the fine without state funds as the school received $214 million in state aid last year. The NCAA said that no programs could be cut because of lack of funds due to the fine and university spokespeople said that state taxpayer money would not be used when paying the NCAA's task force.

The NCAA has said that only 25% of the money would be kept in Pennsylvania while the rest would be used nationally, a point that Senator Corman has been adamant against since the sanctions were handed down. '

It can only be imagined that this was not the way Dr. Emmert wanted 2013 to start. Oh well.

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