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Wrestling Preview: Sparty NOOOOOOO!

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Unranked Michigan State heads to Rec Hall for a beat down from the #1 Nittany Lion wrestling squad.


Nittany Lion Wrestling Club member and Olympic hopeful Franklin Gomez must look at his former Michigan State Spartans squad and shake his head. What in the hell happened to these guys? No, Sparty never was a national title threat - but they weren't usually this bad either. Sparty comes into Rec Hall to face the Lions on Sunday the 13th with a grand total of two NCAA qualifiers, and zero All-Americans. So get ready for a massive, massive beat down. This could end up like a bad high school score.

125 LBS

#2 (SO) Nico Megauldis vs. UR (RSJR) Josh Heinzer - Heinzer brings a 7-5 record into Rec Hall. He's been majored three times and pinned once in his five losses.

Line: Nico minus 11.5

133 LBS

UR (RSFR) Jordan Conaway vs. UR (SO) Brandon Fifield - Fifield went 12-18 last season in mostly unattached competiton. Fifield was recently majored by Purdue's Quiroga.

Line: Conaway minus 4

141 LBS

UR (SR) Bryan Pearsall vs. UR (FR) Nick Trimble - Trimble's a true frosh. He dropped an 8-1 decision to Brandon Nelson at the Purdue dual on 1/4/13.

Line: Pearsall minus 6

149 LBS

UR (SR) James English vs. UR (SR) Dan Osterman - Osterman is a two-time NCAA qualifier. He's 13-5 on the season, but was mostly recently majored by Purdue's Russian import Ivan Loupouchanski.

Line: English minus 5.5

157 LBS

UR (SR) James Vollrath vs. #19 (SR) David Cheza - Cheza is also a two-time NCAA qualifier. He got a late start to the season, but remains undefeated after five matches. He recently majored formerly ranked Tommy Churchard of Purdue.

Line: Vollrath plus 3.5. One of just two Sparty favorites.

165 LBS

#2 (JR) David Taylor vs. UR (JR) Troy Lamson - Lamson is 5-4 on the season, and was most recently pinned by Illinois' Jackson Morse.

Line: Taylor by fall in 5 minutes

174 LBS

#3 (SO) Matt Brown vs. UR (FR) Jordan Wohlfert - Wohlfert is 13-6 in his first year of competition. He was pinned in his last match versus Purdue's Chad Welch.

Line: Brown by fall in 5 minutes

184 LBS

#1 (JR) Ed Ruth vs. UR (SO) John Rizquallah - Rizquallah brings a 15-4 record into a fight with Ed Ruth. Although Rizquallah majored his Purdue opponent, this match won't end well for the younger Rizq.

Line: Ruth by Fall in 6 minutes

197 LBS

#3 (SR) Quentin Wright vs. UR (SO) Nick McDiarmid or UR (SO) Luke Jones - Nick's just 6-7 on the season. I can't find Luke's record, though he lost his most recent match against #19 Bradon Atwood 0-2.

Line: It's not easy setting a line for Q......Q by Fall in 6 minutes

285 LBS

#16 (SO) James Lawson vs. #4 (JR) Mike McClure - McClure's 18-1 this year, with his lone loss coming against Bucky's #11 Connor Medberry 2-5. McClure has some nice pelts on his wall - a 3-1SV decision over Jeremy Johnson, who just beat both of our heavies at last week's Scuffle; a 5-2 decision over Chad Hanke of Oregon State, and more recently, a Fall over Citadel's Odie Delaney.

Line: Lawson plus 1.5

Place your bets in the comments. If the BSD Sports Book is to be trusted, we're looking at something along the lines of a 37-6 beat down of Sparty, without two starters.

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