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Penn State Scheduling Rumor: Virginia Out, Rhode Island In?

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The York Daily Record says a swap between the FBS school and FCS school might be imminent.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

A change to the 2013 Penn State football schedule may be on the horizon as the York Daily Record's Nittany Nation blog is reporting that Virginia might be dropped from next year's schedule to make room for FCS-level Rhode Island, a team that went 0-11 last season.

Penn State and Virginia signed into a home-and-home agreement, the first of the series being played this past season in Charlottesville, a game won by the Cavaliers, 17-16.

If Rhode Island were to be added to the schedule, Penn State would pay the Rams at least $300,000 for them to travel to State College, a pretty penny for a school facing money problems due to all the fallout from the Sandusky scandal. There is talk that the Virginia game may be moved to a date after the team's sanctions have run out.

Kevin McGuire of reported that Penn State told him that the 2013 schedule remains intact in its current state.

If this scheduling change were to go down, it would be a complete 180 from the outlook Bill O'Brien had in May when he was looking towards scheduling marquee games against teams such as "USC, Alabama and Stanford." Of course, this was before the NCAA sanctions came down that were meant to assure a downfall in the competitiveness of the football program.

We'll see, I suppose.

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