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Rhode Island AD: 2013 Game With Penn State Not Happening

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The University of Rhode Island AD said that talks broke off on a possible 2013 matchup on Wednesday night.

Patrick Smith

University of Rhode Island athletic director Thorr Bjorn told the Providence Journal that talks between the university and Penn State about a 2013 football game between the two teams have broken off. It had been reported Wednesday morning that the teams were in talks of scheduling a game and that Penn State would be dropping Virginia from its 2013 slate.

Both teams have full 12-game schedules already.

Penn State will not play an FCS team during the 2013 season with its non-conference opponents consisting of Syracuse, Eastern Michigan, Kent State and Virginia. There was talk that the Rhode Island-Virginia swap would help with the team's competitiveness in the team's second NCAA-sanctioned year. For now, though, the schedule remains intact.

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