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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open Thread Week 7

Come join us for our Thursday night open thread!

Big hair alert!!
Big hair alert!!
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we're coming to you live from Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. That's right that IS the official name of the stadium and I also think Papa John's Cardinal pizza is the official name of their new flavor. Can't be worse than any other of their shitty pizzas. Anyho, tonight we get the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (4-1) taking on the #8 Louisville Cardinals (5-0). Rutgers has looked good since their opening week overtime loss to Fresno State so maybe this won't be the mismatch one would think. The game starts at 7:30 PM and can be seen on ESPN. Stop by and discuss the game. If that game gets out of hand we'll just switch over to San Diego Sate - Air Force at 9 on the CBS Sports network or we'll watch Arizona and the Kiffinless USC on Fox Sports 1 at 10:30.

On to the picks...

Last Week's Results

Nick P. 4 1
Bill 4 1
BSD Readers 4 1
Nick 4 1
Devon 3 2
Jared 3 2
bscaff 3 2
Cari 3 2
Dan 3 2
Chad 3 2
Galen 2 3

That's exactly why you don't get cocky when you're on a roll. I took too many chances, believed in Northwestern too much (hey, a guy can dream can't he) and I end up in last. By the way, the one loss everyone had? Some Indian.... never mind.

Yearly Totals

W L Win %
Dan 45 7 86.5
Devon 45 7 86.5
bscaff 44 8 84.6
Jared 44 8 84.6
Nick 43 9 82.7
Nick P. 43 9 82.7
Galen 42 10 80.8
Chad 42 10 80.8
BSD Readers 42 10 80.8
Bill 42 10 80.8
Cari 41 11 78.8

So not many changes because we aren't playing many games and that won't get any better this week because...

This Week's Games

Sat 10/12/13 Indiana @ Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. ESPN2 12:00 PM ET Michigan State
Sat 10/12/13 Nebraska @ Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. BTN 12:00 PM ET Nebraska
Sat 10/12/13 Northwestern @ Wisconsin Madison, Wis. ABC 3:30 PM ET Northwestern
Sat 10/12/13 Michigan @ Penn State University Park, Pa. ESPN 5:00 PM ET Michigan

I'm really interested in that Indy-Sparty game? Will Indiana come on and play like gangbusters like they did last week? Make amazing catches down the sideline and diving endzone touchdown grabs? Spoiler alert! NO. Welcome to Penn State fandom where we watch our team play another team's A game and then watch said team go out a lay a big steaming pile at midfield against their opponent next week.

For Purdue, basketball season can't come soon enough. The other two, well they should be fun games to watch.

This Week's Picks

Galen Michigan State Nebraska Northwestern Michigan
Jared Michigan State Nebraska Northwestern Michigan
Devon Michigan State Nebraska Wisconsin Penn State
Bill Indiana Nebraska Wisconsin Michigan
Cari Michigan State Nebraska Northwestern Michigan
bscaff Michigan State Nebraska Wisconsin Penn State
Nick P. Michigan State Nebraska Northwestern Michigan
Dan Michigan State Nebraska Wisconsin Michigan
Nick Indiana Nebraska Northwestern Penn State
Chad Michigan State Nebraska Wisconsin Penn State

Well there may not be many games this week but one thing is for sure, we're all over the board except for Nebraska. I think we've hit every statistical combination of the three undecided games. Unless Nebraska loses, which ain't happening, someone will be perfect.

Now your turn to decide oh glorious BSD reader....

My Ballot Box
Indiana @ Michigan State

Nebraska @ Purdue

Northwestern @ Wisconsin

Michigan @ Penn State

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