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Success With Hyperlinking Is Still On Cloud Nine

Thursday links served fresh off the grill. Also featuring a strong PSU-Michigan aftertaste.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Just once more, for old time's sake?

Yeah, I could watch that video on endless loop for half an hour and not get out of my drool-soaked chair. I really don't think there's more to say about the Michigan game that hasn't already been said except that I personally would rank it as the best I've ever witnessed at Beaver Stadium...and that's saying something, considering I've regularly attended games since 1994 and have seen classics such as the 1995 Snow Bowl (also against Michigan), Nebraska in 2002, Ohio State in 2005, and the Rose Bowl-clinching, Mark Dantonio shit-fitting, victory over Michigan State in 2008.

Enough about me, though, onto the links...

Because Christian Hackenberg Puts His Pants on Like The Rest of Us: One Leg at a Time...

Except once his pants are on, he leads last-minute comebacks and makes the most of what little relaxation time he gets as a result of bye weeks. (via Audrey Synder at

Condoleeza Rice Is Officially Part of the College Football Playoff Committee

And per usual, nobody is freaking out.

Charlie Weis is Sick and Tired of Getting Flack for Kansas' Flailing Offense

So, he's spreading the blame to his assistants, who will be given input in the offense, including four-time Heisman Trophy winner Ron Powlus, who will be calling run plays. Hmm, delegating offensive play calling amongst several different coaches...I know that's been an effective strategy at some programs.

Confessions of An Early Leaver

Onward State writer Casey Dexter reveals her rationale behind her decision to bail from Beaver Stadium following Michigan's going ahead by 10 points with 10 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, followed by the subsequent guilt of watching the thrilling finish at a Yogurt Express. I hope she enjoyed the smoothie.

Because There's More To Life Than Sports:

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