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Penn State Hoops Media Day Recap

Not a whole lot going on, which is a good thing (lookin' your way, Louisville).


The 2013-14 season tip-off is inching closer and closer - just 16 days until Penn State's exhibition with Northwood, followed by the official opener against Wagner six days later. The shootyhoopers hosted their annual media day today and while there was no major news for Pat Chambers or his players to offer, there were certainly quite a few tidbits with which to whet your appetite. Here are some of the highlights, tweettered by those on the scene:

This is particularly interesting. D.J. Newbill shot 27% from three last season. Chambers' solution? Don't shoot from there anymore and become automatic in the paint. Certainly a pragmatic apporach, but I'm not sure if there's enough shooting from the rest of the team to essentially give up on Newbill as three-point option.

Coming soon to Netflix: "Achilles is the New Tommy John."

The same five that started every game in Europe. Wouldn't expect these five to be top-5 on the team in minutes played, though.

Pat always struck me as a Cafe kind of guy.

I have no idea what 10 minutes of Tim Frazier playing off-ball looks like but dammit do I want to find out.

...and finally:

Full quotes and transcripts, courtesy GoPSUSports, here.

We'll be trotting out our season preview coverage next week, so get in the mood for some #ATTITUDE! (sorry)

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