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Success With Hyperlinking Is Blowing Out The Birthday Candles

Your Thursday links, served with a side of cake.

44 Fighting Years. Here's to many more, Coach O'Brien.
44 Fighting Years. Here's to many more, Coach O'Brien.
Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

If you've paid any attention to the Penn State interwebs this week, you probably know that yesterday was Bill O'Brien's 44th birthday. BOB of course, commemorated this special occasion by barely acknowledging it, given that he enjoys birthdays as much as he enjoys weddings and theme parks (see: not really).

Likewise, I'm going to treat a lengthy intro this week with similar disdain. Onto the links we go...

I Don't Always Link To Ohio State Blogs...

But when I do, it's because Eleven Warriors put together an excellent post explaining the origins and significance of the "We Are Penn State" cheer in an effort to educate and enlighten Buckeye and other non-PSU fans about how it became a rallying cry against segregation in college football. I highly recommend clicking on the link above and reading the entire article, especially if you're not familiar with Wally Triplett's story. I do want to single out one sentence though, that really stuck out:

It's essential that non-Penn Staters understand and appreciate where We Are originated because fresh history has a way of clouding the older stuff.

Tim Frazier Continues To Bask In Preseason Glory

This time, he's been named to the Bob Cousy Collegiate Point Guard of the Year watch list, along with 45 other players around the country. (via

Yahoo Sports: "Why Doesn't Anyone Take Us Serial?!"

Ever since the NCAA announced its own punishments against Miami a couple of days ago, Yahoo Sports has gone into full-fledged bitch-and-complain mode as a result of their own ground-breaking exclusive report from August 2011 not turning The U's athletic department into a smoking crater. Pat Forde started off the festivities by claiming there are 'no winners' as a result of the NCAA's investigation (which was botched worse than that lineup scene from The Usual Suspects) and that Miami fans shouldn't feel good about the ruling, because they should've gotten far worse than the penalties they imposed on themselves (including two years' worth of bowl bans, no appearance in last year's ACC title game, scholarship reductions, and recruiting contact restrictions).

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, Pat...

Chris Collins: Class Act

The video below has gone viral over the last 24 hours, and with good reason. New Northwestern basketball coach Chris Collins not only awarded senior walk-on James Montgomery III a scholarship, but made the announcement in front of the entire Northwestern team, who proceeded to mob James as if he had nailed a game-winning shot. This is followed by James calling his mom and sister back in Southern California to deliver the good news, which is followed by shrieks of joy over the speakerphone. If this doesn't make you smile in the least bit, you're probably a robot.


  • Swedish journalist goes to North Korea to cover a unique Western bike race that starts in China and ends in North Korea, takes a bunch of pictures, has many of said pictures deleted by North Korean authorities, has a data recovery specialist in Hong Kong restore said pictures and posts them to CNN
  • Cheryl Isola, a kindergarten teacher at State College's Radio Park Elementary School, made an appearance on the Price Is Right back in July. The episode will air tomorrow at 11 AM ET on CBS (via Centre Daily Times)
  • Samsung was fined $340,000 by Taiwan's Federal Trading Commission for paying for false praise and negative comments about their competitors on Taiwanese forums. (via The Verge)

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