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BSD MVP Week Nine: Allen Robinson

Well, duh.

Jamie Sabau

Even in the midst of Penn State's worst loss in recent memory, even in the second half of a game that had long since been functionally over, even with a backup quarterback throwing him the ball, Allen Robinson continued to be Allen Robinson.

This wasn't a hard choice, of course; you could probably count the number of Nittany Lions who actually made a positive impact on the game Saturday on your fingers. But there's no keeping a good receiver down, even if he did a good chunk of his work in garbage time. That won't make Robinson's 65-yard screen pass touchdown that looked, with its cutbacks, runs back and forth across the field, broken tackles, and trail of Buckeyes in his wake, more like a punt return than a reception, any less spectacular.

At the end of the day, it was another 12 catches, another 173 yards, another touchdown for the Big Ten's best pass catcher, and at this point, all he's doing is padding his draft stock should he decide to go pro a year early. Or, should he stick around for another year (pretty, pretty please?), he's working his way up the Penn State record books with alacrity.

Also considered: Bill Belton, I guess. 98 hard-earned yards on 22 carries, most in the first half, for our new #1 running back.