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MMQB: Who Do You Blame?

God, that sucked.

Jamie Sabau

There are losses. There are bad losses. There are brutal losses. There are the kinds of losses that make you go into a bit of a rut for a few days, one that you eventually come out of. And then there's what Ohio State did to Penn State last weekend.

All game, the Nittany Lions were thoroughly outclassed by the #4 team in the country in a performance that had "we're playing for style points" written all over it. Penn State had no chance, and outside of a few nice runs from Bill Belton and Allen Robinson doing Allen Robinson things, that was apparent.

This leads us to blaming someone. Who? Here are a few options:

The NCAA: Hate the game, not the player. Maybe Penn State plays a little better if they were not under massive sanctions.

John Butler: The person everyone has been playing. The defense has been abysmal recently, and as the defensive coordinator, that's on him.

Bill O'Brien: The entire team looked like it didn't come to play, which some people may want to put on the coach.

The Defense: I mean...686 yards and 63 points.

Urban Meyer: He pulled some bush league stuff (challenging a spot when he was up by 49 isn't exactly something people were cool with), and let's be honest, any chance to rip on Urbz is always welcome.

Ohio State: Maybe they're just really, really good.

Of course, you can lay blame wherever you want, blaming as many people as you want. Think about this less as a MMQB and more of a giant venting session. With that in mind...

Who do you blame for Penn State's performance against Ohio State? Why? Is this a one-time thing, or is this a legitimate cause for concern? What would you change so something like this never happens again?

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