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BSD Mailbag 10.29.13

I'm back with a lot of questions this week, so let's get to it.

Where were you this week, big guy?
Where were you this week, big guy?
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Is it coincidence/bad matchups to blame, or is it youth/playing on the road to blame for the poor performance in the true away games?--psfann

I'm not a fan of coincidence, but I think it's a mix of everything else you touched on. The Indiana and OSU losses were very different, IMO, in that against Ohio State, we would have had to have played literally perfect in every facet in order to have even had a shot in that game--and that clearly didn't happen, not even close. Against Indiana, we were in the game until the fourth quarter when all the factors started piling up, and the universe (and our own odds) looked to be against us, and the final score (and end of the game) was worse than the first 50 minutes actually indicated. For OSU, the final score was indicative of how bad the entire game was.

When we have more experience and better depth, we'll be able to challenge more on the road--but probably not until then. As many have said on the boards here these past few days, in a way it is and isn't about the talent of our starters--it's about the fact that, because we haven't had the luxury of being able to be hit or miss on the OMG STAR players these past two classes, the depth takes a hit.

The last few poor recruiting classes of the previous staff, pre-IT, also factor in as well.

How big a douchea is Meyer to challenge the 4th down spot? Exponents are allowed in the answer, as is using John Urschel as a lifeline to help with the higher-level math needed for this calculation.--PSU_Lions_84

Well, I don't know math, so I'll leave that to the engineers here. But I'm actually more pissed about the quite-obvious decision to go for an onside kick up 42-7 before the half than challenging the fourth down spot (which turned out to be right, but was still a dick move up a bajillion points near the end of the game). I don't believe Meyer when he says he was trying for a squib--because, why? Also, I'm fairly certain that the formations for a squib and an onside kick are different--and they were lined up like an onside kick. Plus, he's made douche moves like that all season--such as going for two after their first touchdowns of games.

By destroying PSU like that, won’t it hurt OSU’s strength of schedule against every team that OSU/PSU both play and that PSU also beats, like Michigan, for example. Nobody’s going to consider PSU a top 25 team after a beating like that, even if they run the table the rest of the season.--Aqua Velva Man

I'm not so sure about that. If PSU runs the table (and that's a big if), the'd be 9-3, with two top-25 losses in UCF and OSU, and a potential couple of top-25 wins in Michigan and Wisconsin. They'd be hard to ignore as a top-25 squad. Plus, I think OSU finally played the way that most thought they could play this past week--it just, unfortunately, happened to come against us. Which makes me think they'd been game planning for this PSU squad for a few weeks now.

Will loses like this one help PSU in the long run? Will games like O$U and IU keep NFL teams from coming after BOB, making it more likely the program has long-term stability?--bearwithscarf

I think it will. Because it will bring the team together, much as the adversity they faced in 2011 brought the team together in 2012. The Indiana loss brought us Michigan, and I think this OSU loss will pay dividends down the road. Maybe not this week, maybe not next week, but eventually, we'll see why it was all worth it...I hope.

But this loss won't keep programs from coming after BOB. They'll still want him, but I don't think he leaves for a few more years at least (if anything he's said to Mike Gesicki is any indication).

Would Nick Saban even throw a challenge flag up 56-7? Follow up, bigger asshat move: Bielema’s kickoff shenanigans in 06 or Meyer’s challenge flag on Saturday?-- psuphysicist

My default is to say no, but I wouldn't put anything past Saban--who, despite being hands-down college's best coach right now, is a jerk in his own right.

And I say that Dantonio's calling of the timeouts at the end of the '08 game is a bigger dick move than either, but for vastly different reasons. But overall, of course, Bielema's a bigger asshat, and it's not even close.

Having sustained an embarrassing defeat, how does the Black Shoe Diaries staff see the team dealing with the new reality of being exposed on national TV? Do you see the Lions rebounding to beat the stuffings out of their remaining opponents? Do the "easily winnable" games on the schedule suddenly become nail-biters instead? Also, how does Penn State go about the off-season once our 12 bowl games are over with this nasty loss in the back of their minds? I know, I know, I’m asking for a psychological analysis of some very angry and embarrassed young men here, but asking tough questions and doing research to give intelligent answers that enrich the community is part of the culture problem at Penn State, after all.-- Ethan Henderson


In seriousness, I'm sure we'll tackle this, in posts and in the comments, in the coming days. But just not here.

Is anyone at BSD qualified to perform an exorcism to remove the evil spirits from a cursed Penn State jersey? If not, what is the proper way to dispose of said jersey?--Aqua Velva Man

If anyone is, it's bscaff.

Aside from that, I'd douse in Old Granddad and set it on fire.

It's Monday, why do I still have a hangover?--skarocksoi

Because you're an adult now. And being an adult sucks.

And so do blowout losses and the copious amounts of alcohol consumed during them.

Are we the worst bye week team in the country? The stats are hysterical. After the bye we are 0-2. Point margin 38-107. Just shy of 1200 yards given up by defense. The first loss to Indiana ever, and then the worst loss in over (is this correct?) 100 years. Can any other team top that?--millzners

Well, we could be New Mexico State...who has given up 570 yards and 45.9 points per game on defense all year (not just in two games). So, yes, our numbers are not two games. But it can always be worse.

What do you think the final record for the season will be? Barring serious injury to key players.--Former_DC_Buck

Preseason, I said 7-5. I still say 7-5. Because I'm cool like that.

How likely is it that.... Michigan will beat Ohio State and restore order and balance to the galaxy?--TonyLion

This would be super awesome. But I don't see it happening--I think it far more likely that OSU's lone loss of the season is to MSU in the B1G championship game.

Better time to turn off the game and concentrate on drinking?

A. When Barnes was held so blatantly in front of the official and subsequently leveled when Miller turned the corner (and a near certain sack into a decent gain)?


B. When the officials whistled the play dead for a false start, but still allowed O$U to drill Hack?--kijana's acl

I'm probably not the one to ask, since I had the game on to the very bitter end. Plus, if you didn't keep it on, you missed this (lone) bit of awesomeness.

After this last ‘game’ would you ever give the ball back to ZZ top, and what type of improvement would you want to see from him first?--ArcherBullseye

This last game has to demote Zwinak, right? I mean...fumbles!--Swiddy (via twitter)

If Zwinak gets in anything but garbage time for quite awhile--that is, unless both Belton and Lynch are way underperforming--I will be supremely pissed off. And this coming from someone who was calling for him to get all the carries earlier in the season. His fumbles have been costly, and most inopportune times. Belton was one of the small bright spots this past week, and he's proven he deserves the sole starting spot. Run him until he can't run anymore, and then run him again. Zwinak can be his FB if he really has to see the field--but at this point, in this season, he shouldn't get more than that.

Should I buy World War Z to stream now, or wait for the Netflix DVD? also, should I buy the Hobbit extended edition even though I own the theatrical release?--psualum9931

Still haven't seen World War Z, but I haven't heard great things, so I'd wait.

As for the Hobbit, you're talking to the girl who has both dvds and blurays of all of the Lord of the Rings regular AND extended editions. So, what do you think? (I've already preordered the extended edition myself).

Best type of BBQ? I love Carolina barbecue pulled pork. The acidity in the vinegar complements the sweetness of the sauce and pork perfectly. But I also love Texas style beef in its simplicity. St. Louis is alright in both, but I can’t really say I’ve ever had its best representatives.--Succss With Honor Always

Honestly? I'm not a barbeque connesieur. I'll take pretty much anything, and like it.


Should we expect running up the score become more common in the BigTen?--psualum9931

Yes. Unless you're Michigan State.

Is it true that Mike Shanahan has wooden teeth, like George Washington?--bscaff

He looks enough like him, it wouldn't surprise me. But I suspect we'll find out some dirt like this about him this off season, when he's fired.

Was the Ohio State game a harbinger of Lou Reed's death, or is Lou Reed’s death a harbinger of Penn State’s football future?-- SubLime


Sasquatch or Yeti? Who ya got?--WorldBFat

Sasquatch. Because of this guy.

What does it mean when a chick with tight pants at a bar stairs at you over her shoulder and then gently caresses her butt? And should I go over and talk to her?----psualum9931>

I have to go with TonyLion on this one, that seems super creepy. You should leave as quickly as possibly without being completely overt about it.

Ah, screw covertness, run.

When making a tailgate smoothie (for those who prefer that sort of thing) why is it that the fruit liquefies so much better when alcohol is included versus a "virgin" version?--Smee

I started typing this when Letsgo's comment in the fanpost came up, but let's just leave it with, because God wants us to drink alcohol at tailgates. It's quite obvious, no?

I just found out I have to substitute coach my sons’ flag football team—practice and game—next Sunday. Do you know any good plays we could use?--confirmy

...or any play from the final game of Little Giants.

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