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Success With Hyperlinking Wants You To Call It a 'Comeback'

Tim A makes his triumphant return to BSD and delves into a few FAQ's before hitting the links.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

What can I say, it's great to be back! Before delving into the links though, I feel obligated to answer a few nagging questions that many of you will likely have, so let's get those out of the way first, shall we?

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Tim Aydin! You may remember me from such Penn State-oriented blogs as Happy Hour Valley, and an upstart website called Black Shoe Diaries. If you don't remember me at all, well...I'm sorry to say, you've kind of missed out on life, thus far.

Yeah, whatever. So, why are you coming back to BSD?

When I initially left BSD last December, I was burned out to the point where writing felt more like a chore than a fun little escape and release from the real world (which got increasingly more real) and needed some time off to recharge the mental batteries. It was a great decision in my book, as it helped me to appreciate and miss writing for a site like BSD. Not to mention, I slowly but surely, realized just how (slightly) less boring of a guy I was back when I was writing.

After weeks of pleading with Cari (which consisted of countless e-mails, several butterscotch candy bribes, and me standing outside her window at Midnight holding a boombox over my head blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"), she finally caved and I was allowed re-entry into the BSD fraternity.

That's nice, but what exactly will you be doing?

A: A most excellent question, good sir/madam! For now, I will be your Thursday SwH administrator. Also, as a card-carrying life member of the Penn State Basketbro Society, expect me to be involved with hoops coverage in some capacity.

Okay, that's enough about me. Time for some links...

Dave Jones Knew I Was Going to Link to This Story Before I Ever Began Writing This Blog Post

In a relatively well-reasoned article, PennLive's resident rock star explains why he thinks the Vegas O/U of 63 points in the PSU-Indiana game is too low, and why the total number of points will hit at least 70. Needless to say, I concur with Mr. Jones.

Sell Out...With Me Oh, Yeah

The Penn State-Michigan primetime white-out homecoming clash is officially sold out, according to Great news, considering the countless reminders Penn Staters have gotten this year about the significant dip in attendance due to STEP/IT/Too Much Piped-In-Music/Traffic/Nittanyville/[Wild Card Blaming Subject]. There should be little doubt that the atmosphere will be similar to that of previous sold-out white-outs. Not to mention, the recent news of the NCAA's relaxing of the sanctions can only help to boost the morale/fired-uppityness of the fans and players. Let's hope this one actually ends in a W for the good guys.

Because Real Men Don't Light Up The Scoreboard

Brian Bennett over at the four-letter's Big Ten blog writes about how this weekend's Michigan State-Iowa game is likely to be the traditional three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust, low-scoring, trench battle that has defined Big Ten football for decades, or as one Sparty linebacker put it in his own words, a 'man's game.' To put it even more bluntly: Ohio State and Northwestern can take their primetime display of sarcastaball and SHOVE IT.

Some Obligatory IT News (womp womp)

Jerry Sandusky was denied a new trial yesterday by a Pennsylvania State Appeals Court, according to a unanimous decision by the three-judge Superior Court panel hearing the appeal.

Some Obligatory Hoops News

The men's basketball team finalized their TV schedule for the year (which can be promptly viewed here). A couple items of note include 10 games (7 conference, 3 non-conference) on the ESPN family of networks, as well as a start time of 2 PM ET for the "Return To Rec Hall" game December 14th against Princeton (televised on BTN). Yours Truly will be in attendance at the Return To Rec, and has already marked it on his calendar...Ooh, is that jealousy I'm sensing? Mmm yesss, drown me in the sweet water of your envy!

Midnight Madness: Penn State Hockey Style

The men's hockey team will be holding its first practice of the season to the public at Midnight this Friday night. Doors open at Pegula Ice Arena around 11 PM, with practice beginning at Midnight (as October 5th is the first day the NCAA allows for official practice to begin in hockey). Following practice around 1 AM, is a free one-hour public skate session with the team. Perhaps a little shooting contest would help to spice things up, but that's an idea to bank for next year's Midnight Hockey Madness.

On The Non-Sporting Front...

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