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Success With Hyperlinking Is In Here For Some Marijuana (MARIJUANA?)

Penn State won't be announcing a new President, after all, and Carl Pelini's tenure at Florida Atlantic went up in smoke. Just another day at the office.

In hindsight, this looks like Carl Pelini's "munchies" face.
In hindsight, this looks like Carl Pelini's "munchies" face.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

BoT Dysfunctionality At Its Finest

Unless you've been living like it's 1993 for the past few days, you know by now that Penn State is set to formally announce its new president this Friday has indefinitely delayed the announcement of its new president, and now certain members of the Board of Trustees (*cough*LUBRANO*cough*) are raising hell over the manner in which the presidential selection process has been conducted.  :/ <------- This is my 'shocked' face.

Your Move, Ohio

The most shocking news of yesterday though, comes to us from the lovely state of Florida, where Florida Atlantic head coach Carl Pelini (yes, Bo Pelini's brother) and his defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis resigned after admitting to marijuana usage at a party. Those of you who enjoy thinly-veiled stoner film references will also get a kick out of the fact that the FAU athletic director's last name is Chun.


So, you're Nick Saban, head coach of the consensus #1 team in the country that's Roll Tiding its way towards a shot at a third consecutive national title in dominating fashion. Surely, attendance issues would be the least of your concerns, right? Au contraire, according to Sports on Earth's Susan Elizabeth Shepard, Crimson Tide fans filing out of Bryant-Denny stadium early is one of Saban's deepest concerns, mainly for recruiting purposes. Let's just say that seeing a bunch of empty seats in the mid-3rd quarter isn't going to positively sway a potential recruit's opinion about playing for 'Bama.


The NCAA adopted five new recruiting rules this week, all of them dealing with  coaches access to players. The most notable of the rule changes being that no school staff member may attend high school all-star games, along with the establishment of an extended recruiting 'dead period' for which no coaches may make any in-person contacts with recruits from mid-December to mid-January.

Because There's a Great, Big, World Outside The Sports Universe:

  • Have you ever been on an plane, about to beat your personal best at Candy Crush (or whatever the hell it is kids these days play on phones and tablets), but you were forced to shut it down because the plane was about to land? Well, fret no more, as the FAA has relaxed its rules on electronic device use during takeoff and landing. Please note however, you will still not be allowed to surf BSD below 10,000 feet. BSD does not condone such irresponsible use of its content
  • This is probably the most comprehensive breakdown you'll ever read on the Garfield Halloween TV Special (via A/V Club)
  • Have you ever wanted to hear Miley Cyrus' VMA performance narrated in the style of a nature show? Of course, you have! (via Yahoo)

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