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Post Game Link Dump: Indiana

So that was awful. Let's relive it with links.

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This weekend was my first ever Penn State road game (NOTE: I don't count the game at MetLife earlier this year). The biggest take away from that is that I'm a jinx and that I should never attend Penn State road games again. Sorry, you guys. I let y'all down. Although for the record, the selection of beer at Nick's in Bloomington is AWESOME and I advise all of you to go.

As for links, well, here we go:



First things first, here are ESPN's box score and recap. I did those first because we can now move on from them.

Brian Bennett looked at the game through the perspective of some Indiana players. I hated everything about this, but at least it made me feel 0.000000000001 percent better knowing how much this meant to them.....ok no it didn't.

The fine folks...*sees that someone other than Matt wrote this*...ok yeah fine folks at Victory Bell Rings named their players of the game. I disagree with the defensive one, because PSU didn't have a DPotG yesterday.

Onward State has a few takeaways from the game. PennLive has videos of John Urschel talking about how hard it will be for the team to bounce back (I'll let you guess his answer) and DaQuan Jones discussing BoB's message to the team after the game. PennLive also has a poll that we can all vote on, grading the performance from yesterday. I went C-F-D-D-D, for the record.

Joe Hermitt Photo Gallery Alert.

The Daily Collegian graded the offense and the defense and somehow didn't give everyone other than Allen Robinson an F.

Jordan Lucas discussed the secondary's play. I'm bleeding from the eyes. and Onward State both did live blogs, so if you want to relive yesterday before committing seppuku, go ahead.

Lastly, of course, #DevonMad.

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