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MMQB: The Second Sport

Which sport gets second billing behind football at Penn State?

Rick Stewart

I really don't want to talk about football yet this week. No, losing to Indiana isn't the end of the world, but I certainly did not feel great about watching Saturday's game. It was essentially equal to having a nightmare but not being able to wake yourself up. Let's move on to talking about every sport other than football.

Men's hockey is set to have its first puck drop of the year on Friday night at Pegula Arena, the second year of Division I play for the Lions and their first in the newly formed Big Ten hockey conference. The women started the season this past weekend, tying and winning in Vermont. Many people expect hockey to become a money-making sport at Penn State and if the excitement around the program now is any indication, it very well may be in a few years.

Think about the other sports that Penn State has to offer:

Women's Volleyball: four straight national titles from 2007-2011

Wrestling: On a streak of three straight national championships

Men's and Women's Basketball: One is more successful than the other at the moment, but when they're good, people do get excited.

Fencing: People got real pissed when I left Coach K off the "Best Coach" list a few months ago, so I better mention the team here although I'm sure < 2% have actually gone to a Penn State fencing match. They've won and they've won a lot over the past three decades.

This is just to name a few of the great programs that Penn State puts on the field, courts and rinks of Happy Valley. Gymnastics has had success. The softball team has had moments. Even the Penn State Quidditch team does well at national competitions.

What would you consider to be "the second sport" at Penn State?