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Penn State Dominates Binghamton Open

Six Penn State wrestlers win titles.

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Penn State traveled to Binghamton, NY to take part in Matt Derlan's early season wrestling tournament. Six wrestlers brought home titles. Let's take a look at the action. Your link to the full PDF brackets is here.

125 LBS

Nico won his first four matches, tallying one pin and 3 majors. Then in the final he lost a close decision to Cornell's Nahshon Garrett, 5-6. Garrett finished 3rd last season, so he's pretty good. But don't start sweating Nico. He'll be ready in March.

Nico WBF Ibraham Bunduka (George Mason) 4:22

Nico majored Kyle Brady (SHU) 17-4

Nico majored Josh Patrick (Rutgers) 16-4

Nico majored Sean McCabe (Rutgers) 15-4

Nico lost dec. Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) 5-6

133 LBS

Penn State entered both Jordan Conaway and Jimmy Gulibon. Conaway beat Jimmy in the semi-finals, 3-1 OT. Jordan, who Cael said they had to kick out of the room over the summer, finished 2nd. Jimmy finished 4th.

Conaway dec Logan David (Cornell) 1-0

Conaway dec Grim Gonzalez (Bucknell) 7-2

Conaway dec TJ Fabian (SHU) 6-3

Conaway dec Jimmy Gulibon 3-1 OT

Conaway lost dec. Mark Grey (Cornell) 1-3

Gulibon TF Fich Frank (Army) 16-1

Gulibon WBF Jeff Ott (Harvard) 2:01

Gulibon TF Jalen Ramos (Rutgers) 15-0

Gulibon lost dec. Jordan Conaway 1-3 OT

Gulibon majored Dane Harlowe (Boston U) 13-0

Gulibon lost by fall Geoff Alexander (Maryland) 0:19

141 LBS

Oh, hello, Zain Retherford. Zain, the true frosh, won the weight class. Zack Beitz lost in the semi-finals, and the semi-finals of the wrestlebacks. Cael might just start Zain after all.

Retherford majored Tyson Dippery (Rutgers) 10-0

Retherford WBF Eli Bienstock (Cornell) 5:54

Retherford dec. Adam Krop (Princeton) 6-3

Retherford TF Casey Stasenko (Rutgers) 15-0

Retherford WBF Will Switzer (Lehigh) 1:37

Beitz WBF Jayce Carr (CSU) 2:52

Beitz TF Colby Knight (Harvard) 16-0

Beitz dec Daniel Sanchez (Maryland) 10-4

Beitz dec Connor Lepresi (Bucknell) 3-1

Beitz lost dec. Will Switzer (Lehigh) 3-5

Beitz lost by major Adam Krop (Princeton) 2-10

149 LBS

Jim English carried the torch for Penn State at 149. Unfortunately, Jim default from the semi-finals. The twitters hint at a shoulder (again), though it also mentioned it being precautionary. Taking caution this early in the year makes sense. Luke Frey was set to enter the tournament, but withdrew from his first match with a dislocated finger.

English maj. Matt Hammerstone (Bloomsburg) 11-0

English maj. Kevin Moylan (Princeton) 9-0

English dec. Bobby Dierla (Cortland St) 2-1

157 LBS

Senior Jimmy Vollrath made the finals, and finished 2nd. He dropped a close 8-9 decision to BU's Taffur, who just wrestled in the NWCA All-Star Classic.

Vollrath TF Brenan McAllister (Bucknell) 16-1

Vollrath maj. Leo Wartman (Stevens) 11-3

Vollrath WBF Billy Randt (Lock Haven) 2:36

Vollrath dec. Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers) 6-2

Vollrath lost dec. Nestor Taffur (Boston U) 8-9

165 LBS

Ho hum, David Taylor destroyed everyone. But true frosh Garrett Hammond wrestled as well, and had an outstanding tournament, finishing 3rd.

Taylor WBF Colin Navickas (Stevens) 1:13

Taylor WBF Vincent Grella (Binghamton) 2:00

Taylor WBF Aaron McKinney (Lock Haven) 2:41

Taylor TF Nick Visicaro (Rutgers) 18-2

Taylor WBF Craig Eifert (Cornell) 1:51

Hammond TF Mickey Simmons (Rutgers) 17-2

Hammond lost dec. Devin Gobbo (Harvard) 6-9

Hammond WBF Will Sullivan (Lehigh) 2:50

Hammond maj. Ben Haas (Lehigh) 16-5

Hammond WBF Jacob George (Cornell) 6:00

Hammond TF Aaron McKinney (Lock Haven) 16-1

Hammond won by forfeit Jake Kemerer (Lock Haven)

Hammond dec. Mitch Wrightman (Boston U) 5-3

174 LBS

Matt Brown, aka Hulk Hands, killed everyone in the bracket. Hooray!

Brown WBF Taylor Jackson (Rutgers) 2:59

Brown WBF Austin Wetterau (Bucknell) 1:16

Brown maj. Brett Harner (Princeton) 14-5

Brown maj. Eric Morris (Harvard) 13-3

Brown WBF Owen Scott (Cornell) 2:02

184 LBS

Ed Ruth, aka So Fresh So Clean, killed everyone in the bracket, including teammate James Frascella, who lost in the semi-finals to Ed, and in the semi-finals of the wrestlebacks.

Ruth TF Tyler Green (Bucknell) 19-2

Ruth TF Zack Diekel (Lehigh) 16-1

Ruth TF Nick Bellanza (CSU) 16-1

Ruth TF James Frascella (Penn State) 20-3

Ruth WBF Gabe Dean (Cornell) 1:24

Frascella dec. Mike Alexander (Cornell) 4-2

Frascella dec. Anthony Messner (Rutgers) 2-0

Frascella dec. Troy Murtha (Princeton) 8-3

Frascella kilt by Ed

Frascella lost dec. Fred Garcia (Lock Haven) 3-9

197 LBS

And now we come to salve your soul. Worried about what happens to 197 in a world without Quentin Wright? Have no fear, bonus points will be scored in bunches. BSD humbly presents Morgan McIntosh, who took 1st.

McIntosh WBF Branden Litten (Drexel) 5:42

McIntosh WBF Hayden Hrymack (Rutgers) 1:30

McIntosh WBF Matt Moore (Lock Haven) 4:43

McIntosh maj. Abe Ayala (Princeton) 12-3

McIntosh maj. Jace Bennett (Cornell) 13-3

285 LBS

All 3 Penn State heavies entered. Only one left champion. His name is Jimmy Lawson. Jon Gingrich finished 3rd, beating teammate Nick Ruggear in the consolation semi-final.

Lawson dec. Jake Kettler (George Mason) 3-1

Lawson TF Ryan Kail (Maryland) 16-1

Lawson dec. Riley Shaw (CSU) 5-2

Lawson dec. Tyler Deuel (Binghamton) 5-2

Lawson dec. William Smith (Rutgers) 3-1

Gingrich WBF Chuck Boddy (Bucknell) 1:59

Gingrich lost dec. William Smith (Rutgers) 1-2

Gingrigh dec. Jake Kettler 4-1

Gingrich maj. Dylan Hayden (SHU) 10-1

Gingrich WBF Brad Emerick (Lock Haven) 1:24

Gingrich dec. Riley Shaw 8-1

Gingrich dec. Nick Ruggear (Penn State) 4-3

Gingrich dec. Tyler Deuel 6-4

Ruggear maj. Sean Twigg (Maryland) 14-6

Ruggear maj. Cole Lampman (Princeton) 16-4

Ruggear TF Chris Florek (Stevens) 17-0

Ruggear lost dec. William Smith 4-6

Ruggear lost dec. Jon Gingrich 3-4


Penn State crowned six champs overall - not too shabby. Nico, Conaway, and Vollrath finished 2nd. And the only weight we didn't place - 149 - we withdrew both entrants for precaution. We probably shouldn't read too much into these results, as far as how it impacts the potential lineup. It's one tournament. It was a 1-day tournament. And it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. But it's definitely worth noting the jobs turned in by Jordan Conaway and Zain Retherford.

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