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BSD MVP Week 11 - Zach Zwinak

ZZ's looking like a sharp dressed man in some sweet, new gloves.

He's got legs and he knows how to use them.
He's got legs and he knows how to use them.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, it's simply a matter of a player's redemption that earns him an MVP award, 150 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries certainly don't hurt either.

Zach Zwinak reminded everyone why he was a thousand yard rusher, just a few weeks removed from a very vocal contingent of people actively wondering if he should ever get another carry. Whether it was simply a matter of wearing gloves or an adjustment to his technique, Zwinak avoided any of the fumble issues that have been the source of so much frustration. He looked particularly determined running from inside 2-yard line, grinding out yards and refusing to go down, getting the team from out of the shadow of their own goal line. Unfortunately, he didn't receive as many opportunities on the other end of the field. Given the chance, he did tally the only touchdown for the Nittany Lions. Congratulations Zach Zwinak, you're the BSD Week 11 MVP.

Also considered:

Alex Butterworth - When does the punter enter into the game MVP conversation? When two of his three punts are downed inside the 5 and he drew a personal foul on another punt that extended the drive. He did everything he could to pin Minnesota back make them have to earn their points.

* Special Note - Congratulations to Allen Robinson on breaking Bobby Engram's single-season yardage record. While not a spectacular single-game performance by his standards, he's still rewriting the history books.

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