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Success With Hyperlinking Doesn't Work For That Four-Letter Network

Your Tuesday linkage (sans the howling at a quarterback's supermodel girlfriend)

Disrection, folks.
Disrection, folks.

(Via The Postgame) Discretion, folks.

Because Passes Are Lot Like Freedom

Cory Giger, for all the grief a lot of tend to give him, actually makes some good points in his latest column about how Bill O'Brien doesn't get a free pass for every issue Penn State has had on the field, despite the crippling sanctions. Before getting to the nitty-gritty though, Giger establishes a couple of ground rules which I'm sure all of us level-headed fans can agree upon:

Let's get two things out of the way up front, then the discussion can start from there:

1. O'Brien has done an incredible job in so many ways keeping the Penn State program together and competitive during unbelievably trying times. That's a given, and he deserves tons of credit for it.

2. The Nittany Lions are vastly undermanned in many ways because of the NCAA sanctions, and virtually every issue they have can be tied back in some way to that.

As long as people are willing to accept points 1 and 2 above, then we can have a healthy discussion about the job O'Brien is doing when it comes to actually coaching football.

Urban Meyer Votes Ohio State #2

And the whole rest of the college football world just crapped its pants...Okay, not really. In fact, that four-letter network examined this notion a little further. It's still highly unlikely Meyer's dream will come to fruition unless Alabama or Florida State inexplicably effs up its remaining games (including their respective conference championship games). Still, we live in a bizarro world where Baylor is undefeated in mid-November, and Duke controls its own destiny as far as winning the ACC's Coastal Division is concerned, so I suppose anything's possible.

Here's Another Number One Ranking To Be Proud Of

On the heels of Veteran's Day yesterday, the U.S. News and World Report ranked Penn State as the best school for veterans in America. A combination of making sure that Penn State vets actually earn degrees (as opposed to just accumulating credits), post-9/11 GI Bill certification, and additional funding on top of said GI Bill helped vault PSU into the top spot. (via Onward State)

In Scores Of Other Games:

  • PSU women's soccer received a #4 seed in their region as an at-large selection for the NCAA Tournament. They've drawn Monmouth (NJ) as their opening round opponent which will be played this Friday at 7:30 PM ET at Jeffrey Field. If you're coming into town for the Purdue game this Friday, stop on by and show them some support, will ya?
  • Taylor Martinez's Nebraska career is likely over due to a nagging foot injury that has caused him to miss all but a few games this season. As frustrating as it was to see him use his feet to torture PSU's defense, and even though Nebraska has been steadily chugging along with Tommy Armstrong Jr. and Ron Kellogg III at QB, it always sucks to see a player who has been the face of his team's offense for what seems like almost a decade, have his career end on a whimper. Martinez, a fifth-year senior, will now focus on healing up in time for the NFL scouting combine.
  • So, what was Blockbuster Video's final brick-and-mortar rental? You guessed it - 'This Is The End'
  • A white supremacist finds out through DNA testing that he is 14% Black. Maury's paternity tests are SO YESTERDAY. (via Huffington Post)

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